4 Day Residential Course.

18 April – 21 April 2024.


Fee:- 95,000/-

Limited Seats.


In this Course you get 4 Day Residential Vastu Siddhi Course at RISHIKESH.

Along with this you get a bundle package of 5  Recorded Courses worth 27,250/- Absolutely free.

  1. Professional Vastu Course ( 15 Classes ) + all Digital tools to take degree, make a map, grid a map + Complete Vastu Book By Acharya Vikul Bansal.
  2. Complete Numerology Course (7 Classes) + Complete Numerology Book By Acharya Vikul Bansal.
  3. Advance Vastu/Industrial Vastu/45 Devtas Course + Complete Advance Vastu Book By Acharya Vikul Bansal.
  4. Rudraksh Classes ( 2 Classes ) + Detailed Description of Rudrakshas .
  5. Gemstone Astrology Course + Detailed Book on Gemstone Astrology By Acharya Vikul Bansal.

    Know More About Vastu Siddhi Course

    The Vastu Siddhi Course is meticulously designed to provide Vastu professionals with the most advanced concepts, experiences, tools, and techniques in the field of Vastu and occultism. This course aims to elevate the proficiency, skills, and mastery of practitioners in a dynamic and holistic manner, ultimately leading to personal and professional upliftment.

    Upon completion of the program, participants will be entitled to the prestigious ‘ACHARYA’ appellation, signifying their advanced level of expertise in Vastu.

    Course Module:
    This course is a cumulative integration of 5 categorical chapters/modules which are interwoven and knitted together to elevate the professional’s proficiency, skills, mastery in the subject and promotes headway.
    1. Personal upliftment and awakening.
    2. Highest degree of intuition development. 

    3. Most advance tools and techniques.
    4. Upgraded and fusion remedies.
    5. New conceptual insights

    Below are the key pointers of the course modules-
    ✓ Personal upliftment and awakening
    ✓ Special Siddhi & Mantra (different for every student) will be given to all the students for their personal upliftment and the awakening of their intuition to the highest level.
    ✓ Balancing 5 elements of body and building  with the help of Swaryog .
    ✓ Guided Dhyan for self-awakening .
    ✓ Open and heal chakras with sacred oils.
    ✓ Highest degree of intuition development.
    ✓ Decode hidden powers of your brain.
    ✓ Advance level meditation to see far sighted things.
    ✓ Magical ways to sense negative energies and removing them.
    ✓ Know about all the hidden energies of land, underground factors, effects
    and their remedies.
    ✓ Most advance tools and techniques.
    Lecher Antenna: Dowsing land energies with the most advance tools of different wavelengths and frequencies.
    ✓ Practical sensing of each devta field with advance dowsing tools and correcting them with right frequencies.
    ✓ Selection of best plot for client with different advance tools.
    Mapping of devta frequencies with advance vastu tools.
    ✓ Doing Vastu of a building with complete Astro Vastu advance
    Upgraded and fusion remedies.
    ✓ Astro Vastu remedial approach
    ✓ Fusion of advance remedies and ancient remedies.
    ✓ Swaryog, doing remedies with the help of Swar .

    ✓ New conceptual insights
    ✓ Knowing about Purush and Prakriti.
    ✓ Prakriti of all zones and devta fields according to Rajas, Satav and Tamas.
    ✓ Knowing about different types of soils, their purpose and utility.
    ✓ Decode land usage with pulse of land.
    ✓ Many more hidden aspects for doing Vastu & Astro Vastu of a particular
    place and giving extra ordinary solution to a person.
    *The participants of the course will be provided with Pinnacle Vastu’s exclusive publication of selected materials essential for their practice in the form of Course Kit and a meaningful takeaway.
    Vastu Siddhi Course Kit Includes.
    1) Siddhi Chola
    2) Lecher Antenna
    3) Pendulum
    4) Shakti Chakra
    5)  7 Chakras Sacred Oil Kit

    6) Pinnacle Vastu Diary
    7) Essential Stationary tools
    *Hotel room allotment will be made on  18 April 24 morning so the participants are requested to make their plan accordingly.
    *The commencement of program on A18 April 24 will begin from 10 am. *The formal program will conclude at 8pm on 21 April 24.
    *The participant can depart to their respective destinations after checking out from the venue on 22 April 24.
    FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: +91 91533 00111, 9056611046, 9056611064, 7829734233

      Trusted Content

      Content specially created to understand Vastu Techniques in easy way.

      Experienced Teachers

      Meet Vikul Bansal, The rare combination of great spiritual wisdom and years of business experience.

      Lifetime Access

      All the remedies at approximate 50% discount for students for lifetime


      Earn a Certificate upon completion of the course.

      Know Your Trainer

      Acharya Vikul Bansal, an exceptionally driven passionate individual who is constantly in pursuit to bring out and serve best with authenticity when it comes to occultism.

      • His journey of occultism began in year 2012 which gradually acted as a gamechanger when he realized the potential of occult field.
      • Being a management graduate, a fellow from business family and inquisitive rational individual, he researched deeply about the thick and thin of esotericism.
      • After enormous brainstorming and on field research he redefined occult education, products and services in a never before way and Pinnacle Vastu Consultants is the brain child of the same.
      • Throughout this journey he firmly believes that mediation is the key to his and any individual’s success.
      • For 10 years, he is tirelessly working to add value to this entire system of occult education, products and services. And, at the same time has a broader vision and aiming to revolutionize this field in coming years.

      Acharya Vikul Bansal

      Meet Acharya Vikul Bansal, an exceptionally driven passionate individual who is constantly in pursuit to bring out and serve best with authenticity when it comes to occultism.



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