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Now, you can learn Vastu Shastra  and you can become a Proffesional Vastu  Expert in 15 Days of intense training. Even if you are a Beginner in this field 15 Day Course is the best course for you because it covers everything at one place.You will learn everything from start in a very simple and systematic way designed by Acharya Vikul Bansal .

Vastu Course Contents

We will learn A to Z basics of Vastu Shastra. Your Journey begins with basic understanding of Vastu Shastra like what is Vastu, How it came into existence, etc.
1 ) Theory of five elements.
We will learn everything about 5 Elements, also known as, Panch Tattva. Five Elements is the base of Vastu Shastra and the most important thing while doing Vastu of any building is to balance 5 Elements properly.
We will learn in detail, how to balance 5 Elements in any building as per Cycle of Creation, Cycle of Destruction and Cycle of Control.
2) Detailed study of 16 zones and their attributes
3) Know how to zonify your home and grid it digitally.( Marking all the directions and know your space)
4) Know how to take degree authentically with compass and Google Earth pro
5) Effects of 32 entrances and know how to block the negative entrance and open the virtual entrance.
6) 12 Simple techniques to treat your home without demolishing and remove all the vastu dosh.
7) Marmasthan technique and to allocate health issues according to that.
8) Practical case studies to identify a problem in your house and their authentic treatments.
9) Effects of 3d objects and learn how to program your space. We will learn the effects of all the Vastu Remedies that we use in Vastu Shastra like Red Horses, Pyramid, Bagua Mirrors, Kuber ji, Village scenery etc. and will also learn when and how to place them at home, offices and factories of clients.
10) Relation of Vastu in different aspects of Home , offices and Factories.
12) How to do intuitive dowsing( Via pendulum or scanner) to identify the major issues.
Apart from these many more topics are covered to give you the maximum knowledge .

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Content specially created to understand Vastu Techniques in easy way.

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Meet Vikul Bansal, The rare combination of great spiritual wisdom and years of business experience.

Lifetime Access

All the remedies at approximate 50% discount for students for lifetime


Earn a Certificate upon completion of the course.

No Vastu  background is required to enroll for this course.


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Know Your Trainer

Acharya Vikul Bansal, an exceptionally driven passionate individual who is constantly in pursuit to bring out and serve best with authenticity when it comes to occultism.

  • His journey of occultism began in year 2012 which gradually acted as a gamechanger when he realized the potential of occult field.
  • Being a management graduate, a fellow from business family and inquisitive rational individual, he researched deeply about the thick and thin of esotericism.
  • After enormous brainstorming and on field research he redefined occult education, products and services in a never before way and Pinnacle Vastu Consultants is the brain child of the same.
  • Throughout this journey he firmly believes that mediation is the key to his and any individual’s success.
  • For 10 years, he is tirelessly working to add value to this entire system of occult education, products and services. And, at the same time has a broader vision and aiming to revolutionize this field in coming years.


While Vastu Shastra gives us data about our fortunate directions that can help with positive energy, numerology gives us the numbers behind those directions which clearly carry more karma and flourishing to the inhabitants of a specific family.

  • Certified Course
  • Live Interactive Classes with Doubt Sessions
  • All the course material will be provided in PDF format for future reference
  • All time access to the doubt classes held time to time after the course completion
  • Vastu & Numerology Combined Course in Affordable Price
  • Personal problems of every student will be solved
  • Each student will be added in a public forum where you can contact your batchmates and the Acharya directly for healthy discussions.
  • All the remedies at approximate 50% discount for students for lifetime
  • Pursue as a Professional Vastu & Numerology Consultant.

Acharya Vikul Bansal

Meet Acharya Vikul Bansal, an exceptionally driven passionate individual who is constantly in pursuit to bring out and serve best with authenticity when it comes to occultism.



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