See how Pinnacle’s energized Vastu sea salt works as a magnet for attracting positive energy

Whether it's your home or workspace,
Pinnacle Vastu Energized Vastu Salt
Brings Positivity Everywhere

Possess a natural tendency to absorb negative energy.

Remove financial, emotional, and mental difficulties.

Protect from the evil eye or Nazar Dosh.

Cure diseases and remove painful energies.

Purify the environment and enhance positivity.

Cleanse the toxic, unseen black energy.

Infuse a plethora of optimism and a positive aura.

Pinnacle Vastu Sea Salt

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Vastu Salt in Mopping

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Are you one of those constantly suffering from health problems, struggling with daily family clashes, enduring immense losses in business, and facing obstacles at every step of life ?

The reason for all this distress could be- Vastu dosh!

It attracts negative energies and brings adversity to life

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Good results. I can feel the difference in my home and surroundings
- Himanshu
Excellent. All of us were frequently falling sick. Mopping the house with this salt helped a lot in reducing sickness
- Sakshi Jain
Works as a wonder! A very good vastu salt for removing the negative energy
- Shweta Talwar
I am a regular buyer and this is my 4th pack. It’s worth the value. Buyers can trust this product
- Vinod Gupta
It works and different from what I usually order from other websites. The results are effective
- Khushboo Patel

Energized Vastu Salt

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