Yellow Tape For Vastu


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  • 4 Inch Wide and 8 Feet Long
  • Color Tape Technique is used to remove Vastu faults in a building and correct the elemental disbalance in a space.
  • Color Tape is pasted on the floor to block anti-activity (normally toilets or incorrect entrances).

Yellow Tape Vastu

Let’s discuss about Vastu Yellow Tape. There are three different varieties on the market. First and foremost, let us discuss the direction in which our toilet is constructed. In our house, there are 16 zones. Except for three zones, toilets are distributed among 13 zones, resulting in a negative impact. Do you have any bad energy? Those negative impacts have yet to manifest, so if they do, we will employ strategies. A Vastu-colored tape, yellow in hue, was discovered here. Because your toilet is broken, placing tape on or around it will neutralize its bad effects. There are several treatments available. If you notice it, he uses a metal strip to cure it. Do Tips Allow You to Take a Break? When you place tape over the toilet, it sometimes comes loose or comes loose when waterfalls on it. As a result, you can paint some yellow on the tape’s thigh. It is crucial in Maha Vastu to know where the toilet is placed. According to Vastu, the individuals who reside in the sadhana of the horoscope are those who should be granted the toilet. If those who practice Tantra have their faces to the south, they will not have any difficulty traveling. This star is exclusively for these folks and should not be used in regular houses. Paying attention to the toilet will not break it. All you have to do now is wait and observe what effect the zone has. As a result, you may position the toilet in the proper orientation.

Mahavastu Yellow Tape

If the Vastu is not in order in your home, there will be a quarrel. There is a cash shortage in the house. Also, your mind does not stay on a single path. This is the source of the majority of domestic disputes. The toilet in your home is not designed correctly. It works perfectly as long as your toilet is white; but, if it is maroon, you will have a problem. Because the color maroon is associated with fire. Is the fire sacred? influence begins after that. First and foremost, we are in charge of the fire. Metal meaning must be generated to do. The fire element will be exhausted. He will then construct the space element. There will be a ban on using a tray to let seat. In the South West, you can’t create a toilet. The lack of adequate toilet direction in the house is the cause of everything in the house. Come on, let’s turn the house into a crematory. It must be resolved as soon as possible. It flushes off its characteristics, much as the zone in which your toilet is placed. If your bathroom is located in the north. As the opportunities, you have become scarcer. If there is a toilet in the North-North East zone, the individuals in our house’s immunity will be compromised. They have a sick home there. You also have to deal with issues related to mental health. Having toilets in East North East ensures that everyone in the home is refreshed. Or they simply maintain a cheerful demeanor.

Vastu Pooja

Let we discuss the pooja room. You make numerous such blunders when building a house, which makes you feel extremely happy. It is necessary to tolerate difficulty or discomfort. Simply because the house’s Vastu is not dense. You have no idea how damaging negative energy can be. Tells you that you make mistakes while building your house. Let’s talk about the mistakes you make with us. Whoever uses the mirror first, we do not have to put the mirror in our South West at home. This is more than just Dangerous. In the second, you should not place the mirror in the North East also. Let us discuss the place of worship. What exactly are you doing wrong in the house of worship? The location of the place of worship should never be in the southwest. What is it, but the place of worship makes you a massive created problem? It may be grown in the northeast. Let us discuss our kitchen. If you have a kitchen, it should not be located toward the southwest or northeast. If your kitchen is built in the southwest, you will benefit greatly. ruins one’s health When food spoils, it is sometimes necessary to throw it away. The second-to-last kitchen should also not be in the northeast. It also works if the kitchen is in the northwest.

Pooja Room Vastu

Today, when people build buildings, this may be observed. As a result, it points in the incorrect direction for worship. Regardless of how well he has done or gone. He demonstrates his might. Because the direction is unavailable, creating a place of worship in the house is quite difficult. Some folks might not have access to worship space. Many individuals make blunders when it comes to constructing a house of worship. There will be numerous issues in the future. There should not be a toilet in the North East if you have built your toilet or if it is observed. People frequently create a place of worship in the same direction after removing the toilet. The largest house of worship, if seen, is yours. Your face should always be toward the east and your face should always be facing the rising sun when you pray. The worship space should never be in the kitchen. Because you cook with onions, garlic, and other such ingredients. Our fake utensils have been discovered in the kitchen on occasion. The bogus utensil is left after dinner. Alternatively, that may be keeping an eye on our structure. Alternatively, it is a health risk. If you wish to construct a place of worship, you should do it in the study room. This is a wonderful spot to visit; reading a book is also a voyage; Mata Sarasvati is adored.

Mahavastu Remedies

Let us now discuss Mahavastu. In this video, we discuss the financial challenges that every family faces. There are a lot of collisions here. It also completes the task that was left incomplete. Maha Vastu has similar advice. You may get rid of MahaVastu Dosha by following these steps. Toilets built in the wrong direction in the house are the source of these issues. Your toilet is produced in the southwest. Also in this direction is the kitchen. Do you have any issues at home? Could your relationship be in jeopardy as well? It is common knowledge that directions are critical in Vastu Shastra, the science of building construction. However, few of you are aware that directions are given significant priority not just in Vastu Shastra but also in many other ancient and hidden Indian writings. Directions are critical in many disciplines, including astrology, Sankhya philosophy, and Ayurveda. Even in Feng Shui, a 5000-year-old Chinese architectural technique based on Taoist religion, the directions are given significant weight. So, before we look at the 16 zones of Vastu Shastra and how they affect your life, let’s have a look at how the role of directions has been emphasized in other Shastras.

Mirror Vastu

Mirrors are used to adorn and enhance rooms. In our daily lives, we use mirrors. We gaze in the mirror several times each day. As a result, the mirror is positioned in such a way that we can readily see ourselves. There is also a great deal of importance in grooming and grooming the mirror. Placing a mirror on the wall in the north or east direction is usually lucky. second Sharp and pointed mirrors should not be used in the structure. These are dangerous. 3rd, if the door is being perforated due to the direct road approaching your house’s door and you are unable to remove the door, hang a mirror on it. It is a significant architectural emblem. As a result, it should be used with caution. Fourth, in a home or commercial structure, the mirror should be positioned in the north-east (north-east) location, on the north or east wall, to boost revenue. Trade impediments are eliminated. Fifth, in a household or business structure, mirrors on the walls in the south, west, igneous, wind, and south-east directions are unlucky. These sorts of mirrors should be removed right away if you have them. 6th, If a mirror is to be built in the bedroom, it should be placed exclusively on the north or east wall. 7th, one of the most essential aspects of the mirror is that placing one in the bedroom directly in front of the bed is considered unlucky. It is said that as a result of this, the husband and wife would confront several health issues.

Yellow Tape Vastu Dosh

Similar to how nine planets are vital in astrology and how each planet impacts our lives, providing us with good and bad results, and opening new doors of possibilities, Vastu Shastra is highly important in our lives. We may gain wealth and happiness in our lives by using Vastu Shastra remedies. You can protect your house and your mind from bad influences. Today, in this post, we will share some of these techniques with you, so that you may make your life happier and re-energize yourself. These cures are said to be simple and effective, resulting in an increase in good energy in one’s life. The swastika symbol is the first cure. In Indian culture, Swastika holds a particular place. Above the main gate of the home, our forefathers used to create a swastika symbol with vermilion. This was once thought to bring good fortune and wealth to the home. When a swastika symbol is placed above the main gate, according to Vastu Shastra, sickness and sadness are reduced. Worries appear to have subsided. Plant a banana tree on one side and a Tulsi plant on the other side in the pot at the main gate to eliminate all types of Vastu problems in the home and to remove all sorts of Vastu defects in the house. Positive energy will begin to fill the home.

Bedroom Vastu Dosh

According to Vastu, optimism, and happiness exist in the home to which it belongs, but if the house has a Vastu flaw, issues will arise even if everything else in the house is perfect. Vastu Dosh causes not just negativity, but also financial loss, health problems, and a lack of respect. Many times, whether deliberately or unwittingly, such Vastu flaws stay in homes, robbing the entire family of happiness and calm. It is essential to understand what should be in the house according to Vastu to preserve a peaceful sleep, excellent health, and a loving atmosphere. Every location in Vastu determines what should be. So, now, let us tell you about it. The bedroom should face South-West or North-West in the home, according to Vastu. If your home has many levels, place your master bedroom on the top floor’s southwest corner. Never leave the mirror or the bed in front of the door in the bedroom. While sleeping, avoid putting your feet in the south and east directions. Maintain your bed in such a way that your feet face north when sleeping this will benefit your health and finances. According to Vastu, a study form amid the east, north, north, and west is excellent. As a result, the reader’s attention in this room remains right. Sitting near the south and west walls, facing east and north, is ideal for studying. There should be no door or window behind the reader’s back. The northeast corner of the room should be clear.

South Facing House Vastu

In Hindi, There is no such thing as a negative house direction according to Vastu Shastra guidelines. All of the qualities and orientations are favorable if some measures are taken during the building. Because it is thought that facing the south has negative consequences, all homes facing the south are ignored. However, the Vastu Shastra guidelines can make these houses excellent. It is deemed negative if there is a cut on any side of a plot. As a result, see if there is a southern expansion. A south-facing house should not have a plot that runs from north to south, according to Vastu principles. It is done if the land slopes from south to north. According to Vastu, the main gate of your south-facing property should be located on the fourth para, so that good energy may flow throughout the entire house. The start will be at the southwest corner. As a result, the main door must be angled slightly southeast from the center. If the gate appears to be too tiny, walk to Pad 3,2,or1 and make it larger. The entry to the southwest, from the fifth to the ninth pada, is, however, severely prohibited by Vastu Shastra. Apart from that, this entry gate should be the largest in the home and open inwards in a clockwise orientation, according to the Vastu plan of a south-facing house.

Septic Tank As Per Vastu

Septic tanks are the tanks in which all of the waste from a home is held before being released. When it comes to house construction, the state of the septic tank is usually overlooked. In Vastu Shastra, however, there are certain septic tank norms and restrictions. This essay examines the significance of septic tank placement in terms of Vastu. Septic tanks, according to Vastu Shastra, can store a great deal of negativity for a long period. If these are not stored properly, they might detract from the environment’s overall positivity. When this occurs, the house’s residents may be faced with a slew of issues that may have been prevented. When installing a septic tank, some measures must be considered. Because most septic tanks are constructed by drilling holes in the ground, precision is necessary. If you neglect Vastu guidelines, your home may develop Vastu problems. Vastu dosha can lead to a variety of health, financial, and relationship issues. As a result, you must use extreme caution while selecting a site for it. To identify the best site for your septic tank, follow the steps below. You should consult a Vastu specialist if you are unsure about the orientation of your home. The ideal direction to install a septic tank is northwest. It makes no difference whether your house faces east or west; the direction of your house has no bearing on the location of your septic tank. As a result, according to Vastu, the septic tank should always be located in the northwest corner of your home.

White Tape 7 Feet For Vastu

According to Vastu 4 inches is done. They can be seen we can also use 7 feet tape. They use 4 inches in total. In this you get many types of yours you will get aluminum, steel, brass, iron, copper, etc. according to 5 elements. The aluminum strip is supported in the northwest, north, and northeast which means the water element. Similarly, in the air element, you are supported in the steel strip east northeast, east, and east southeast. It is considered correct to install copper strips in the fire element in the southeast, southeast, and south. Similarly, you have to put the brass strips in the earth elements northeast, northwest, southwest, and south-southwest. You are also called a space element, also known as a metal element. This iron bar supported you in the west-northwest, west, and west southwest. First and foremost, when using strips, they should always be applied vertically. Because he could permanently stop bad energy. If you’ve chosen a plot for your home but are having trouble with the building, clear the middle section of the ground and form a slope toward the north or east. If you want your house to be prosperous, all four directions of the plot should be 90 degrees. It is not regarded as fortunate if any corner other than the northeast is larger than the other corners.

Remedy Yellow Tapes Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, the northeast angle is particularly essential. Lord Shankar’s Disha Zone is another name for it. This guidance zone is also referred to as mental clarity, decision-making skill, and a place of worship. It is decided in this manner how the brain operates and how its decision-making capacity is influenced. This direction zone is blue/black, with water as the predominant element. The east side, on the other hand, is dominated by the fire element. Vastu deities are widely shown here. Diti, the demon mother, occupies a key position here. Diti was Sage Kashyap’s wife. Diti decides on the north direction’s eighth door. (Each way has around eight gates.) From this, the health and farsightedness of the left eye may be determined, and the duality or dualism of the mind can be erased. Women have greater dominance in the house if the door is here. Shikhi, whose element is fire, is the other Vastu god present. Lord Shiva’s third eye is also known as this. The front entrance and the east side of the home or structure are likewise located here. All thoughts, feelings, and understandings are born here. If there is a door here, the house is at risk of an accident or fire. Never build toilets, septic tanks, water tanks, staircases, stores, kitchens, or other structures in this direction zone since it creates mental difficulties and diseases. It impairs your capacity to make decisions.

Shubh Sanket Vastu Yellow Tape

Everyone understands the significance of money in one’s life. Many people believe that money is everything, but we believe that while money is not everything, it is certainly present. Money cannot purchase happiness, yet when the money arrives, happiness follows. Everyone desires money; it is critical to have money to live. If money is not an issue, would perform mehndi for the entire day. Yes, to make money. Nowadays, it is claimed that whoever possesses money has the entire world at his or her disposal. All of this is made possible by Maa Lakshmi’s grace. The money is used to build a vehicle, which makes the mother happy. It is common knowledge that pleasing Mata Lakshmi Ji is a challenging endeavor. But whoever receives Maa Lakshmi Ji’s blessings is never sad. Maa Lakshmi would undoubtedly bestow her blessings on her true bhagat at some point in the future. Lakshmi Mata takes up residence in every one of our homes. Or, when it arrives, you’ve already received signs that Mata Lakshmi is on her way, or all of your problems have vanished. Because these indications appear frequently in the Bible, they are regarded as extremely fortunate. The advent of Mata Lakshmi is associated with these Shaktas. If you notice similar indicators, know that your initiation is coming to a close

2 Inchi Vastu Tape

Color Yellow Such a palace began to be created a few years ago today, and numerous colors began to flood every home. Whether it’s in the shape of a bulb or a color on the wall, it’ll make a statement. However, many individuals are unaware that there is an issue even if the house is designed according to Vastu. Let us discuss what hue should be used in every home. Because the north side of his house was painted yellow, a man’s employment was taken away. That’s how it went down. A yellow hue that is turned the wrong way attracts bad energy. You must remember which way is correct for cursive color in this situation. People who are completely unaware of Vastu. What color is yellow? According to Vastu, it belongs to the earth. Alternatively, the north direction is down. Because, the earth’s yellow tint or the north direction, functions as an opposing element, we lads have lost our employment. You must understand the hue of your home’s walls. Let’s look at the North Side. You can use blue here, but you can also use green or white. In the South, your red color should appear. Or I Should Be White If I Last. You will not have any problems if you have colored appropriately in all four directions.

North West Kitchen Vastu

If you want to build a kitchen in the northwest, this is the best route to go. If the interior of your home is in good condition, you will have no problems. However, if your kitchen is constructed correctly but the inside is not, you may have a problem. In the kitchen, we must be cautious with gas. The gas that will be delivered to your kitchen will enter via the east wall. When cooking, one should face south. To retain your equal or pour, very excellent condition is divided between the south and southwest. I’m also urging you to preserve your spices. It’s now time for your technological devices. The remainder of your electronics will be found in the southeast corner. The second question is what color should the slab in the kitchen be. Keep in mind that the kitchen slab should always be light in color; do not darken it too much. You may make remarks in the direction of the South if we travel that way. You can go to the East if you don’t find a world that suits you. When it comes to water, the source is two times in the kitchen. One is where you do your dishwashing. The second is that a water filter is placed in whatever kitchen you have. Regular water flows via such a system. This type of water is pointing north.

Vastu Shastra For Office

It doesn’t matter how little your workplace is or how many corners have been exposed. You must be familiar with Vastu. You must walk in accordance with the weaponry. Let’s talk about being barefoot in the office; you should always sit in the West. People’s minds are sharpened as a result of this. Or is he preoccupied with his work? Who has a large sum of money? He currently resides in the Southeast. If the building in which I am laying in your office or that office faces northwest, then this office will be extremely beneficial to you. If the main door of the workplace is located in the North East M, it provides excellent benefits. One thing to remember is that you should never leave your sofa, table, or chair outside the entrance. If you notice the welcome room, it is in everyone’s office; if this is your office’s reception room, it should be facing east. You’ll be able to make it there. If at all feasible, keep nothing in your work center. That area should constantly be free of clutter. It is quite advantageous to you. It is quite helpful for you to sit at the workplace towards the north or south-west direction. What happens when we are the workplace owners and we place some cups or utensils on the pitch of your chairs? As a result, the situation will have to be postponed.

Kitchen According To Vastu

You must have seen how many clashes and fights there are in our house. There are several Keranas, not just one. Only one item keeps our house running if it is noticed. That is our dining room. If your kitchen is not built in the appropriate direction according to Vastu, you will have to deal with a lot of problems, such as unexpected illnesses in the house, a lack of pace, and so on. To end the trouble of the house forever, we have to follow Vastu. If your kitchen is made in the right direction then you will not face any problems. What should you do if your kitchen is constructed on the incorrect planet? After then, your journey’s conflicts and fights come to an end. You can choose from one or more options. Take a ceramic container and fill it with new soil, then place a quartz crystal in it. Your house’s problem will be solved as a result of this. Even if you forget, don’t use damaged cutlery since it creates an uneasy mood in the house. Keep turmeric away from salt since it might cause hallucinations. If your kitchen is not in an igneous or windy place, at least the burner should face the igneous or windy angle. The kitchen should be as pure and immaculate as any shrine. Mother Annapurna’s mercy is preserved in this way. The southeast region is ideal for kitchens, but if one is unavailable, the northwest area can be utilized as an alternative. However, the north-east, center, and south-west areas should always be avoided.

Yellow Vastu Tape 3 Inches

According to Vastu Shastra for Office, the building is designed with the owner’s pleasure and health in mind by striking a balance between the five components, which includes the demands and requirements of the people who live in the building is retained. Everything from your daily routine to family life has been discussed at the Vastu Shastra office. Negative energy will never be able to enter your house or office if you follow these steps. According to Vastu Shastra, keeping the main door of the workplace in the east or north direction is fortunate. Vastu is a very old science. Our sages created this science to safeguard us from the bad forces that exist in the world. The human body is made up of earth, water, fire, air, and sky, which, according to Vastu Shastra, are the primary aspects determining life and the world. In the construction of a structure, the plot and its surroundings are quite significant. Natural forces flow in a building according to its direction, thus if the structure is designed in the appropriate direction, the person who lives there will be able to take full benefit of the natural forces, increasing their wealth.

Yellow Color Tape Width 3.6” 25 Meter For Vastu

We all know that Vastu dictates that we follow several guidelines in our homes. It’s also possible to do such tips using only colored tape. This is the simplest and least expensive therapy. Because your toilet is built on the incorrect leg, we may reduce the Vastu Dosh impact by taping it. The influence of the toilet can be halted this way. Let us discuss metal strips. Metal strips can also be used. If your toilet is in the negative zone, it will have an upper post-impact. You may get rid of the effects of colored tape by using it. Color tapes may not always be effective. We take the tape out after a month. As a result, you may also paint the house’s walls. You may paint the wall based on whatever zone the home wall is in. You can use color paint to us to cure Vastu. Money will always be helpful in your house if your toilet is made of fire grain. Let’s see what the answer is. So you’ll have to sift the toilet with a jug in the appropriate direction. Yellow tape width 3.6″25m Vaastu is widely available on the market. These may be had at any price. It is determined by its size. If you go to a leased room, arguments will erupt in your home owing to poor Vastu. Somewhere in your kitchen, something isn’t quite right. Or your toilet is facing the wrong way.

Mahavastu Remedy Tape

The process begins with an accurate diagnosis of the problem, much like in medical science. One of the 16 strategies for removing Vastu flaws in a structure is the element strip approach. Color strips are used in this approach to remedy an elemental imbalance in a place. Only by this methodical approach can we achieve a balanced condition and get the benefits that come with it. When individuals buy their ideal houses and business spaces around Navratri and Diwali, the real estate industry booms. They chose the Navratri season because they believe it would bring them eternal pleasure and riches. According to Indian religion, an imbalance in the five natural elements of space, sky, air, fire, water, and earth causes physical and mental illness. MahaVastu assists in making sound judgments when purchasing a new property. As a result, believers who are planning to purchase new property should consider some MahaVastu guidelines. An east entry, on the other hand, may result in accidents, unanticipated losses, and fire. According to MahaVastu, south or southeast entrances can bring enormous fortune, but south entrances can also have detrimental impacts on children, particularly boys in the family. The Vastu zone of disposal in the south or south-west is appropriate for toilets. The toilet seats must be positioned in one of two directions: south to north or west to east.

Small 3-4 Inch Vastu Tape

If you have a toilet seat in your residence and its zone is north, for example. Or how will this happen? If you grasp this, the therapy will be simple. There’s a Brahma spot if there’s a toilet on the north side. Alternatively, the energy leaves here or fails in the poor home. If the north has a water element, Brahma Dev is always staring at the water on it. In this, his role is to revere the water element. What is the consequence of here or the fact that the water element continues to flow from here? Alternatively, you might have gone to the restroom on the way and then disposed of the water. There is a village visible when there is no water on the north side. As a result, you lose your typical pace, lose business, or have more work to complete. All of the effects linked with the North Zone are removed. We must take steps to mitigate its impact. The tint of the ocean is now a warm blue. Which is Brahma Dev going to the bathroom. This is the correct treatment; Vastu flaws may be removed by wrapping yellow tape around the toilet. Because yellow is a symbolic hue, it keeps water at bay.


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