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  • 4 Inch Wide and 8 Feet Long
  • Color Tape Technique is used to remove Vastu faults in a building and correct the elemental disbalance in a space.
  • Color Tape is pasted on the floor to block anti-activity (normally toilets or incorrect entrances).

Red Tape Vastu

Today’s topic is Vastu Tapes. It is available in a variety of sizes. You get it in 4 inches if you notice it. Because you get a fantastic result. When it comes to Vastu Tape, is available in aluminum, steel, copper, brass, and iron. The metal strip is too hot to point in the direction of north northwest or north northeast. strip steel east northeast, east, east southeast are all supported. In the fire element, a copper strip should be positioned south-east, south-east, and south. Similarly, you should place brass strips in the northeast, northwest, southwest, and southwest, and these will provide excellent support. Before applying the strip in any zone or direction, it must always be applied vertically. For him to be able to block the negative angary. As though we were looking at a house map. Keeping the complete Vastu knowledge wheel in mind, one must travel in every direction that can help them. You’ve written it all down. All of the energy from the illusion wheel flows to the entire home if it is kept. If your residence has a North East cut, it imbalances the negative worry. If your home has a North Side Wall cut. Strips of aluminum should be inserted. If your home is on the east side, you should apply aluminum or blue tape to protect it.

Vastu Red Tape Price

When there is an issue in your house, Vastu tape is utilized. Your money is stranded at your home or workplace, and the money you lent to someone has not been returned. As if money didn’t exist in our home. Someone’s firm has suffered a setback. Malta is your north disturb, and the problem of all the money in your house is in the north zone. There are no options for obtaining funds. If money comes into your home as a result of an illness. If an issue arises. So your home in the South East has an issue. Toilets should also be constructed properly in your home. Money will not cease flowing into your house if it is built within your house in the South East. When you create a toilet in any place, that toilet continues to dispose of the remaining energy. Vastu Shastra contains about 16 directions. We’ll choose one way and afterward test the toilet seat in each direction to see if it’s in the correct position in your home. Then look at the solution. We begin by looking to the north. If you don’t know which way your toilet seat is facing, your money problems will only grow worse. Their employment will be lost in the house where they work. We carry out all of our work according to Vastu Shastra. There is no need to shift any of your household items if they are stored in the wrong direction. You can tape there. This is when the effect finishes. You may make a yellow stripe. The color of this strip should be light yellow. Wear a blue stripe in the direction of happiness, which is east-north-east.

Vastu Shastra

If your house has a terrible Vastu fault, it will cause a lot of trouble in your life. People are forced to relocate because their Vastu flaws are not corrected. Let us now discuss what Vastu Shastra is. When Lord Shiva or Anddhkasur are battling one another. After we battle, dice begin to emerge from his body. He grew into a huge monster by sweating both of them. After witnessing him, all the other gods fled. The defenders began to flee, believing that it was a deity or that the deity believed it was a demon. That rakshasa went to lord Brahma Ji or he took him to his feet with his head or we had emotions on both of them at the moment. So bring everything. lord Brahma Ji then said, “This is my Manas Putra.” It will be known as Vastu Purusha as of today. Or it was crafted from both gods and Raksha’s. Is there a deity or have two demons begun to inhabit his body? Then lord Brahma Ji stated that he would continue to be the house’s render. Alternatively, if someone does not build a house according to Vastu, demonic components will be formed in his home. And if the Vastu of the home is done correctly, gods will be born there. As a result, your poor job will grow worse. And you’ll all have a good time.

Vastu For Home

Vastu refers to your residence. There are a total of five components. The elements of fire, air, water, earth, and sky. These are the five components that make up our part. Vastu, which consists of five elements, is found in every home. Assume Agni is your bank account balance. On which you’ve constructed a toilet. Alternatively, we would have put out the fire. As a result, cash is scarce in your possession. There’s also the possibility of a gastrointestinal ailment. Nobody has that much money, To correct Vastu. Vastu has the biggest impact on the mind’s subconscious. Whatever we encounter in life is processed by the conscious mind’s half. Our subconscious thinking begins to become negative as soon as there is a Vastu flaw in the house. If your house’s Vastu is proper, you will have no problems. The fundamental meaning of Vastu thick living is that no matter who lives in the house, Vastu is followed. There is no difference in terms of tranquility or contentment. In addition, the house’s seniors’ age should be raised. or for the advancement of all living things This shows where the room should be located or in which direction it should face. As a result, you will be surrounded by optimism. Then, on a piece of paper, we draw a Vastu Purusha and utilize it to calculate the poor home by placing it in the center of the house.

Red Tape Vastu For Washroom

Let us discuss red tape. If we live in a naked bathroom, Vastu says we would travel back in time. People used to go to the fields early in the morning for toilets since there were no toilets back then. One thing they used to do together was going on early walks. Alternatively, the stomach is cleansed as well. However, due to the vast population, it is no longer possible for every human being to visit the farm. Then gradually begin to construct restrooms. The narrative starts with Vaastu’s washroom key or red tape. Toilets were installed in the houses from the day they were built pucca. Or perhaps this urban cultural pioneer was the first to construct toilets. People began to build toilets outside their homes after that. Those with enough room or a little amount of space started building toilets on the roof. After some time had passed, this toilet was brought inside the home and integrated into the room. Let us now look at what Vastu Shastra has to say about it. Two directions are favorable in Vastu Dosh and two are negative. The direction of the North is positive when observed. And whatever occurs in the east is entirely wonderful. Alternatively, your second direction is negative. The toilet has now woken up a negative if viewed. We all go to the bathroom here. The right struggle for the toilet should be shown in the South West, where there is a lot of criticism.

Pooja Room Vastu

Let us now discuss the Vastu of the Pooja Room. The puja room is the holiest or auspicious space in our house, as we all know. In our home, we have a charging space. It brings happiness into our home. Hinduism holds the concept that we are spared from all difficulties. However, it is critical to have the pooja room in the proper location. However, being at fault invites bad energy. Room sizes are often shrinking these days. In addition to the apartments, the worship spaces are becoming worn out. When the worship chamber is finished, it is stored in a cabinet or a corner. However, we should make an effort to build it up according to Vastu. This is the holiest place in our home. We have gotten energy from the east or north. As a result, the optimal direction is believed to be northeast. This method can be used in India. Looking at the direction, you should go northwest. North East is another option. Alternatively, no idol larger than 6 inches should be kept in the temple. The notion of 6 inches states that life begins when the kid reaches six inches in the mother’s tummy. We must bear in mind that our temple must only include images of God. Alternatively, we should never worship facing south. If there is a Lord Hanuman idol, it will face south.

Kitchen Vastu

Let us now discuss Vastu in the Kitchen. This is a fantastic spot in our home. It’s also crucial to have Vastu on it. It should be Vastu-compliant. A Vastu Shastra kitchen is also important for the house’s riches, happiness, and prosperity. Unlike Vastu Shastra, however, the kitchen created in the kitchen exacerbates the accident. Alternatively, an increase in the number of visitors can be achieved by combining two wishes. A kitchen in the southeast is deemed fortunate according to Vastu. Because Agni lives in this direction, it is said to be ideal for any fire-related tasks. The kitchen might also be built in the northwest. People who live in the house, however, seldom find time to rest because of Direction Me Kitchen. Alternatively, the stress palace might remain in the home. The kitchen should never be built to face north. You are burning money since this side is built of the kitchen. Because the kitchen has a fire element. In the kitchen, there is a direction that expands the space. Or even the opportunities you are given in life are squandered. Furthermore, the kitchen should not be built in the north-east, as this generates a lot of negative energy. Because the element of water is associated with the direction. When the fire element and the water element are combined, negative energy forms in the home.

Bedroom Vastu Red Tape

Let us now discuss where the bedroom should be located according to Vastu and what color it should be. Many individuals in India wish to build residences using Vastu principles. Even in Vastu, if observed, it is regarded right. Because Vastu has a significant impact on our lives. Its norms are in harmony with nature. That is why Vastu is so widely practiced. Numerous times, we are unable to follow many Vastu guidelines, and to do so, we must put in some effort. The bedroom should be facing southwest, according to Vastu. This will keep your health in good shape or bring happiness into your home. According to Vastu, your bedroom should not be in the northeast. According to Vastu, if your bedroom is towards the southeast, there is a lot of arguing and fighting in your house. A health issue arises. Let’s speak about the way you should turn your head now. According to Vastu, your pillows should face East or South. This also relates to Vastu principles. According to Vastu, if the APK bed is made of wood, it is a very wonderful thing. However, if your bed is composed of metal, it will attract bad energy. Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that you should only utilize hardwood beds in the front and not metal beds. The cheerfulness of a wooden bed is contagious. Negative fury is a large bed built of iron.

Mirror In Bedroom Vastu

We do not glance in the mirror every day in our lives nowadays. However, we have no idea in which direction we are aiming the mirror. We would never have a problem if we keep everything in the house in the appropriate direction according to Vastu. Our mirror is one of them. Let’s look at a situation where you don’t have a mirror. According to Vastu, you cannot place a mirror in your bedroom. The mirror is put in the bedroom to improve the appearance of the room. Or you’ll have to acknowledge a health condition afterward. Your body will start drinking as soon as you wake up in the morning, or you will feel good or bad about anything. If seen, due to very little space in your room, you put a mirror in the bedroom itself. But according to Vastu, the mirror has to be covered with a cloth. Or you can use us by removing the same cloth in the morning. This will also solve your problem. If still, you feel that there is a breakdown in your family, then there is such a thing that you are not able to do in your daily routine. Negative energy is now coming from the south or west. The mirror has the effect of reflecting the angle from which any energy is arriving, from this angle. In our everyday activities, brushing, resolving someone, learning to save, or other auspicious deeds.

Vastu Dosh Red Tape

Let us now turn our attention to the hue red. To begin with, we see that the main entrance is painted in a terrible hue. You want the color red if you are seen. You’re depressed, or you’re overthinking things. You are fatigued because you believe there is too much hardship in your life. Red is the ideal ocean for you in this situation. The color red will bring you happiness and relieve any tension in your life. Try it out for yourself. Colors have always been significant in our lives. Colors have an important role in Vastu’s flaws as well. Even after designing the perfect home, people may find themselves forced to accept the problem. Various components reflect different colors. Water is blue, whereas fire is red. The trees are green in hue. If we evaluate the direction of water, it is regarded as a Vastu flaw in water if there is a red hue in the north direction. The direction of water indicates when you should eat properly when you should exercise, and when you should seek out new chances. However, if Vastu flaws occur in its direction, all work in all dwellings begins to deteriorate. To get rid of it, you’ll need to paint the wall properly. You can paint it blue or green in the north direction. You can choose red or green if you wish to paint in the east direction. If you wish to color in the South, then red or yellow can be done. If you wish to paint in the direction of the west, you can choose white or blue.

Red Tape For Wall clock

Now that we know which component of it is being dealt with, we may choose an alternative. Frequency oils can be utilized to achieve certain goals according to the energy. You might never guess that a wall clock plays an important role in Vastu Shastra. Because a wall clock can keep you on track. This wall clock is in the perfect Vastu direction to give you that feel-good vibe. When applications make several errors, what do you do? You place the clock with your eyes. You may also set the clock to bear right if you’re seated elsewhere. This is completely unacceptable. You should not have the correct clock, according to Vastu. As you can see, the circular clock has worked perfectly. Because time moves in a clockwise direction. You’ve probably noticed that Kai Cloaks are equipped with a pendulum. Alternatively, it may ring every hour. There is movement somewhere inside. Or does it bring you celebrities? creates movement One thing that must always be remembered is that the clock should never be stopped. The wonderful energy that will result is starting to fade. Alternatively, your effort appears to be significant. Because you don’t want to make too many wishes, your watch may be to blame. Nowadays, mobility is crucial. It should not be a sign like the pitch of a clock if it is visible. The presence of webs indicates that the planet Rahu Kaal has an impact on you.

Remedy For Kitchen Vastu Tape

Normally, the percentage of fire on the stove in the kitchen may be observed. The memorial fire was directed toward the lake. As a result, the fire becomes contaminated. If it turns into an opponent, all of the fire element’s guns begin to shoot less often. Diverse Trai paratha is different aspects of Agni. If the fire is directed toward the water, you can control it by storing it in a green stone. The Vastu Purusha is from the northeast. It is home to Lord Shiva. The fire element in the kitchen, as everyone knows. Because your meal will not be prepared if there is no fire. Both North East and South East mean water and fire, and they collide. In your home, there is a health issue. If you build a kitchen in the North East, you must use a lemon hue to fix the Vastu of the space. Color will transform your kitchen into a stone, either a radial type stone or a spectra type stone. The heat energy is absorbed by these both stones. Let’s get rid of the magnets in your house. That is, it protects against heat radiation. Your kitchen’s Vastu effects will be remedied as a result of this. If the kitchen is facing north-west, the air dominance is quite strong. The fire in your kitchen may occasionally grow and occasionally drop as a result of this. As a result, it is the fire that illuminates our lives. It is a complete error to build a kitchen in your air-dominated area. is to correct this. Your kitchen should be painted in a clean white tone.

Vastu Tap For House

Vastu Shastra is a scientific discipline. Vastu houses are those that are built according to Vastu Shastra. Sunlight is a source of solar energy in their home. As a result, the cosmic energy is exhausted. Biological energy is created. Which of these motivates you to work. That is why we must all construct our homes by Vastu Shastra. Let us now discuss how the house should be constructed by Vastu Shastra. Assume you have a pilot with an East-facing orientation. The largest number of Mahanav is given to plots rather than houses in Vastu Shastra. First and foremost, the compound wall is built. Should be elevated over the south, west, or northeast walls. The primary entrance to the home is on the east side. This location is considered lucky for the gate. As a result, the home should be built on the plot. Should the east and north side margins be wider than the west and south? The fortunate energy of the North East has failed in Pilot as a result of this. The direction of water is to the north. Is it the direction in which you may construct a swimming pool? Because there is a fire element in the fire direction, you can use this area as a parking lot. Small gardens can be planted in the north direction. Any other furniture in the house is likewise preserved by Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shastra, the house should also have a temple. In Vastu, the kitchen is regarded to be an auspicious location. It is critical to building the kitchen with the house’s fire direction in mind.

Vastu Compass

In Vastu Shastra, we all utilize a compass. In Vastu Shastra, we explain how the compass works. When the Vastu of someone’s home is awful, our compass will sometimes advise us to move North to South or South to North. It signifies your house’s amazing field is terrible or there is a Vastu threat. When we turn on the TV, air conditioner, or any other device in our house, the magnetic field often falls into the poor house. As a result, the household’s system is in disorder. Vastu is checked by several compasses. There is also a great deal of software that is installed and utilized on a computer. And this program is rather expensive. Spirals are used to manage vibrations or minimize magnetics. Vastu Dosh may be removed by oneself. And at a very affordable price. There are four directions, as we all know. In the secret of four directions, there are four directions. The compass must be positioned in the precise center of the house to be checked. Then it must be determined which room is located inside the North East. It is not uncommon for our residences to be in the opposite way. However, anytime you purchase a plot, keep in mind that you should do so from the direction. Cucumbers require precise instruction. Compasses may be found in a variety of forms on the market. The best compass, however, is the one that is leaking. However, whenever you use a compass, you should not travel with your phone. Anything containing magnets must be kept out of the house.

Buy Vastu Red Tape

In the market, you can find red tapestry Vastu for various prices. They’re also available in a variety of sizes. You may purchase it in sizes ranging from 2 inches to 4 or 5 inches. You’ve also had enough of its length. Its length varies greatly depending on the market. Only the house’s main door has the power to alter your life. The main door of the home is the most essential feature of the house. The door mate should have an Indian emblem on it. On the far side, there should never be any triangles. All of the doors should be perfectly level. Let’s talk about the color of the door mate. it should never be a tough hue to match. There should not be any darkness. Saffron should not be present. You must keep in mind that bold colors should not be far away. Brown and light brown can be removed. A light color hi should always be present. There is now such a remedy, which you will be aware of. Your distant buddy, like I am from you, should open up to us and Ender. When you return from somewhere, stay on mate your distant friend for 10 to 20 seconds before moving on. This will either leave the bad energy out or bring the positive energy together.

Vastu Purusha

They are attracted to the Vastu Purusha, who must be kept satisfied. Vastu Purusha is the son of Lord Shiva, according to Vastu Shastra. Vastu Purusha’s home encompasses all four directions. Vastu Purusha, according to Vastu Shastra, is turning it upside down on the ground. Vastu Purusha has its headquarters in the northeast. Or in the direction of them in South Weser. According to mythological writings, Brahma Ji created the Vastu Purusha regulations at the behest of Vastu Purusha. When someone sees these, they get a bad case of mental, sharer, kai, or even track. Every house’s Vastu Purusha is said to be its guardian. He is regarded as the household’s divinity. We must worship Vastu Purusha if we buy a house or get married. After that, Vastu Purusha feels happy and gifts the individual with happiness and prosperity, as well as the ability to stay healthy. Vastu refers to a livable environment. Purusha, on the other hand, refers to his inner spirit. When we construct a structure, we are also constructing a home for gods. Alternatively, if the god who is here is balanced, I am balanced. If the disorientation is caused by a black stone, a complete kidney transplant is required. Your stomach will be disturbed if the green color appears in front of Brahma. The 5 components are the foundation on which everything is written. We can determine if the god is in equilibrium or not based on the ingredients.

Red Tape Vastu Dosh

When we fail to consider Vastu when constructing a home, it becomes dosh created. This is known as Vastu Dosha. This was not a minor flaw. This is a heinous crime. Because we have a lot of troubles in the house when there is a Vastu flaw. The first thing that happens is that business becomes irrational. Stay at home if there is no employment available. When a house has Vastu flaws, no one feels comfortable in it. We all have four directions if observed. However, the correct direction is 10. North, east, and south. A southwest, east-south orientation is also present. Along with this, there is an upwards or Hade’s direction. We live in ten different directions. Vastu Shastra only takes care of eight directions. It is unknown whether to dwell in the sky or a fixed direction. When building a house, you must pay careful attention to eight directions. Now we’ll show you how to remove Vastu Dosh. Your house, for example, should be on the square. The second thing to remember is that the house’s main door should not be opened toward the south. Yes, however, a large mirror must be placed in front of your main gate. As a result, anytime you open your gate, the face will open in the other direction. In front of the entrance, you placed a lovely religious symbol. The dosha is at peace as a result of this.

Vastu For Office

Which way should the decade of people who enter politics go? There is no variation in the size of the deck. This is a basic suggestion for you: keep the office clean. But there has to be some alum in there somewhere. There should be a scripture of Lord Lakshmi where you work, at the table where you are successful. On Thursday, you must place a Ganesha emblem on your table. Your star will benefit from this. Your intellect is enormous. On Saturday, you can shut the top of your chair with a butt leaf. Your stuck work will begin to move forward as a result of this. If we face north, we will be able to grow our business. If see Vastu Dosh may be eliminated by following Vastu guidelines. The bathing site of the office’s principal owner is regarded as fortunate in the South West. Alternatively, adjust your chair so that your face is towards the north. Alternatively, you might make your son face east. Therefore, while money is no longer everything, it is undeniably present. The Vastu of your workplace is very vital to operating a house, thus you should repair it. Your workplace might be built towards the North East as well, however, if you sit facing your office, the Vastu flaw is avoided. The drainage point should be in the direction east. Alternatively, the office water tank should always face south. If you have a toilet in your office, the optimal direction is west north. This is the ideal spot to get your toilet constructed.

Vastu For Flat

When we lie flat, Vastu dictates the direction the flat’s face should be facing. Which way should I be facing in the room? As can be seen, we have three options. The first direction is east, the second is northeast, and the third is southeast. The gemstone of the east is favorable for you. Lord Indra’s gem caste is in this direction. Lord Shiva’s direction is to the northeast. Which direction is the most auspicious for your flat’s main door? If your front entrance faces southeast, you’re in trouble. If this happens, you may have personal issues. You can’t place yourself too far south, either. Because God’s feet are here. So, if you have no issues, you have kept the door to our flat in the North East. When you go to acquire an apartment, make sure you are in the corner of the flat; if you are the former owner, that is even better. If you are the second or third owner, you should be aware of the prior owner’s history. The apartment has been closed for many years. Alternatively, we may meet up later. After that, you must hire us to do Vastu Pooja in the apartment.

Peacock Painting Vastu

Vastu has a significant influence on our lives. Let us now show you what occurs when you place the Peacock photo. It is now widely known if renting a peacock painting in the home is beneficial or harmful. When we are building a house, we sometimes place portraits of deities at a distance. But in what way should these problems be addressed. An image of two peacocks facing each other should be displayed at your main entrance. Or it is quite beneficial. Or hanging a picture of Mata Annapurna in your dining room is much more than that. Alternatively, you may always enjoy the satisfaction of returning home. There will never be anything less. Let us now discuss why you should not save any photographs and why you should not display an aviation photograph in your home. Alternatively, no photo of a trip battle or conflict should be shown in the house. Alternatively, do not include Animal’s photograph. Negative energy enters your home as a result of this, or It can affect your life. Keeping Peacock feathers in the house also draws negativity into the home. It should also be on the North Side at all times.

South East Bedroom Vastu

Lord Shukra, or the fire deity, is said to reside at the southeast corner of a dwelling according to Vastu shastra. As a result, messing with this area of your house might be terrible for you and your family. Read these Vastu treatments for the southeast corner to alleviate the dreadful impacts of Vastu dosha. Your home’s entrance should always be in the northeast or eastern direction. It is the very last thing you want to happen in the southeast. If you have it that way, adding three Vastu pyramids to the entry door will mitigate the negative effects. The incorrect appearance of your home is a major contributor to your misfortune and the health of your family members. Add an Om, Trisula, and Swastika together on the front door of your home. To some extent, this trinity will prevent bad energy from entering your home. The Vastu dosh in your home’s southeastern corner can be mitigated to some extent by using treatments that balance the energies. The crystal lotus is one of those cures that work wonders in neutralizing your Vaastu’s energy fields and inviting positivity.



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