Red Horses Vastu


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Red Horse Vastu

Vastu has an important part in our lives. Vastu affects our life in many ways. Our health, work, and even relationships get affected by Vastu if we are ignoring its presence. In ancient times people use to build their houses according to Vastu. Because they believe if they build their house according to Vastu then their life will be filled with joy and they will live a happy life. Because if we are disturbing the presence of elements, then it causes us a great loss. It can affect our health or work. So here we are talking about the red color horse. The horse also has an important place in Vastu Shastra, Horse is a symbol of progress and success. It gives us positive energy to be motivated and to work as hard as he does while running. It tells us to never stop if we want to achieve something in our life, then we should not stop and keep moving towards our goal. The Horse is a symbol of consistency and hardworking. We should place a red horse scripture in the house to get all the benefits that come from it. It changes the energy of our house, and office and tells us to work with dedication. If we place a red Horse in the south direction of the house, then it’s so good to do. It opens all the avenues of success for us.

Red Horse Vastu for Home

Vastu Shastra and the presence of the elements are everywhere. In our house, office, and even the place we use to cook our food. We are surrounded by the Vastu. So why not we should care about it. Because if there is a Vastu defect, it also affects our work and life. In Vastu, it has narrated, that if we place a red horse in the south direction of the house, it is good. The red color belongs to the fire element. In Vastu Shastra, there are five elements. Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Space. If any of these are lacking in presence, it is our loss. It will affect us and can make our working life, and family life worse. As I mention, lack of them can be our loss. So we should care about these elements. We must build our houses according to Vastu Shastra. If we are facing trouble related to the fire element. Then we can resolve it by using the red horse. Before using the red horse we must take the advice of a Vastu Expert. Because we don’t know where we are blocking the way of an element, using another object. Every object has a place in Vastu Shastra. As we know placing the horse in the south direction is good according to Vastu. So before anything, we should buy a red horse and place it in the south direction of the house.

Red Horse for Home Vastu

Often we see the fights in the house keep happening. The reason for that is, not necessary that you do not agree on anything, there is a dispute going on anything. Sometimes it also can happen due to a Vastu defect. If there is a fight happening in the house daily, then put a red horse scripture in the drawing-room of the house. Then it will change the atmosphere of the house. If we keep the horse scripture, in the drawing-room it will grow up the love. Fights will stop. The love between husband and wife will increases. Between husband and wife, there will be no bitterness. They will live happy and prosperous life. Putting the horse in the house, Lakshmi will reside in the house. Often we see we work but there is no money coming from anywhere. Money is stuck somewhere or the other. Many problems arise due to a lack of money in the house. It starts showing even in daily house expenses. We cannot even fulfill our essential needs, due to a lack of money. If you are also going through the same problem, then brought a red horse scripture and kept it in the south direction area of the house. By doing this, you will start seeing the effects of it soon. Soon the money problem in the house will start to end slowly. If there is any kind of debt on you, then that will end by doing so.

Red Horse Vastu for Office

Vastu works in an office the same as it does in the house. Because we are surrounded by 5 elements. If there is a Vastu defect, it will affect our work too. Even if we have started a very good business, shop we always must take about the Vastu principle and its rules. No matter how good an office you have got built, no matter how good you are in your work if there is a Vastu defect. Then there will be a hindrance in the work. You will go ahead with work but you will not get the work. You will continue to face problems, it is possible seeing too many troubles, and you will give up on your work. But you don’t even need to give us. These troubles don’t come because of you. Maybe some Vastu defect has been done by your mistake. This Vastu defect is the reason that you not getting any work and facing problems in your work. In Vastu Shastra solution for any problem has been written. Keep a red horse statue in the office. Placing a red horse in the office will resolve the Vastu defect. As soon as you keep the red horse statue in the office. You will start seeing the difference by yourself. Work will start coming, the place where you could never have been, may start giving to you work.

Red Horse for Office Vastu

If you work in an office. Or do you have a business and shop? But if you are not earning then that business is of no use. We do it only to earn. If we are not earning. Then problems start to come. Even problems start to come in the family. In such circumstances, the human mind often stops working. Because what has to be done with money will be done with money only. That’s why money is so important to us. If your money is stuck somewhere. You are working but your money is not coming from. The reason for this may also be Vatu’s defect. Because earlier, money was coming from everywhere, then why this did happen all of a sudden. To solve this, if you keep a red color horse in the shop in your office, it will happen your money will start coming. Often we also see that we want to increase our work. But money is also needed to grow the work. Because without money how did you invest in your work? For the money, you often try here and there so that you can get money from anywhere. But you don’t get money from anywhere. Because you have done Vastu defect, due to which you are not getting the money which you used to get earlier. If you keep the red color horse in your office or workplace, then you will get rid of all these problems.

Red Horse in Vastu

If the office environment is not good then it will be difficult to work on it. Because it is often seen that where there is no calm atmosphere, there is a fight, but the work is not done. If there is a similar atmosphere in your office as well. So you should pay attention to this matter. If there is a dispute over something. Or there is such an atmosphere in the office every day. This could be a Vastu defect. These days’ people do not believe in these things but they all work. If there is a Vastu defect, then many problems arise. The office in which there is Vastu defect. The working environment is never the same. Often problems come in the way of work. If you are the owner of such a place. A mountain of many troubles breaks on you. To solve this, you can take the help of Vastu Shastra. It is said in Vastu Shastra that if you are facing problems related to Vastu, then use the red color horse to solve it. By keeping the red color horse in the office, the fights in the office will be reduced. A working environment will be created in the office. Because due to the Vastu defect, negative energy gets created in the office. Which has an impact on the office environment. By keeping a red color horse in the office, the negative energy in the office ends. Which helps us to work well. And there is success in work.

Red Horse for Study Room

Whenever we build a house, we also make separate rooms for our children. And also make study rooms for them. So that our children can study well and get good marks. Vastu Shastra is everywhere in our house. If we do not take care of Vastu while making study rooms for our children, then it also affects their studies. If there is a Vastu defect in the study room, then its effect was seen on the children too. If the child is smart in studying. He always gets good marks in class. But what happened suddenly is that he is not taking good numbers. It is not necessary that it may be the fault of your child that he is studying but he is unable to remember anything. This can also happen due to Vastu defects. If your child is going through such a situation, then you should put a Red Vastu Horse Statue in his study room in the south direction. Because due to the Vastu defect, some such energy is released which makes the atmosphere of the room negative. Due to this, your child cannot read. As soon as you place this red horse statue in his room, his mind will start reading and he will start studying too. His numbers which were starting to come down now were hardly getting passed. He will start getting good numbers and he will start performing well.

Study Room Red horse

The effect of Vastu Defect does not remain only on our work or home. They affect the education of our children as much as they do us. Because if the child is smart in reading then it is not so important. The environment which is being given to him to study is not right, so how did he study. Because if your house is small and where your child is studying every day and you are fighting in the house every day, then how will the child be able to study? If you give a calm environment for the child to study, then only he will be able to study. If you too are fed up with these daily fights then you have to deal with it. Its treatment is given in Vastu Dosh. If you keep a red-colored horse in the drawing-room of your house, you will be able to end the daily quarrels. Due to this the environment of your home will also be fine and you will lead a good life. Also, your child will be able to read well. If he is educated well then he will pass with good marks and will be able to get a good job. Therefore, we should solve the Vastu defects as soon as possible. Because it has a very bad effect on our life. That is why whenever we are building a house or facing any kind of trouble. We should see that if we have done any Vastu defect by mistake, then it should be rectified.

Red Horse Study Room Vastu

Vastu defect is such a thing that the work done gets spoiled. Its effect is so bad that the made-up business ends. There are also ways to correct Vastu defects. It has been said in Vastu Shastra that if something of red color is kept in the south direction then it is beneficial. The red color is a symbol of the fire element which is why it is beneficial. It is said that if you keep a picture or statue of a horse in your room, then see it, you will feel that it takes as much effort to start the work as it does. If you keep a picture of a horse or a statue in your room, then your work will increase. Often some children study well enough to pass their exams and get a good job. But they don’t pass or get disappointed. Some people go for a job but cannot get a job. All these are Vastu defects. In such a situation, you should put the red color horse in your room. If you are preparing for any competitive exam then your chances of qualifying for it will increase. And if you are tired of searching for Job. So with this, your Vastu defects will be corrected and you will get the job soon. All your work will increase. If you work in the office then your chances of promotion will increase.

Red Horse Painting

Vastu Shastra helps us to lead a good life. If its principles are followed properly. The solution to every problem is written in Vastu Shastra. It is also written in it that why and how a problem occurs. Because you’re not always wrong. Maybe you have committed some Vastu defect by your mistake, about which you are not even aware. Therefore some measures are taken to remove these Vastu defects. It is said in Vastu Shastra, that if you are not getting progress in your business, then you should keep a painting or a statue of a horse at your working place. Doing this will create such an atmosphere in your office. So that you will also feel like doing your work. There will be a profit from both work and money. Simply putting a picture of a horse will not work. You also have to keep in mind which posture the horse’s face is in. If the picture you are putting in your office or room, if its face is in anger, then instead of benefiting from it, you may also be harmed. Therefore, while buying a picture of a horse, it must be kept in mind that the horse should be in a happy posture. And at the same time, the horse’s bridle should not be tied in the picture. The horse should be open. It’s a good sign. If you buy a picture of an open horse, then, in the same way, the path of your luck opens.

1Running Horse For Vastu

There are many benefits of putting a picture of a horse in the house. Your earnings increase. I stopped work and starts running. If your money is stuck somewhere, then it starts coming. There are so many benefits that start happening just by putting a picture of a horse in your house. That is why keeping in mind the rules of Vastu Shastra, we should put the painting of the Horse in our house. According to Vastu Shastra, if we put a picture of 7 horses running in our house, then it has a very good effect on our life. Because by putting such a picture in the house, wealth remains intact. And Lakshmi Devi resides in the house. Money is the reason for most of the quarrels in the house. If there is a problem with money in the house, then often problems start coming in mutual relationships. One more thing we should keep in mind while taking the picture is that the direction in which we are taking the picture should be correct. If the horses are running in different directions in the picture, then its effect can be wrong on your house. By applying such a picture, such energy will start flowing in the house, which will affect the 4 elements present in the house. This will affect your work and your life and you may have to bear a lot of loss due to it.

7 Red Horse Vastu For Home

The picture of 7 horses is also mentioned in Vastu Shastra. This gives us money. This eliminates all the problems related to our money like staying at home. Money starts stagnating in the house. If you want to invest in your work, then you also start getting money. Due to this, all the problems of money go away. If you are putting a picture of a horse in the house, then definitely check once that the picture is not broken in any way. Because having a broken picture or a broken picture in the house is not a good sign. There should not be a broken picture not only in the house but also in the office. Its effect is very bad. Neither the picture should be broken nor should it be blurry anywhere. This thing should be taken care of. If the picture is broken, it will destroy all the positive energy in the house. Due to this, the atmosphere in the house will be spoiled. It works the same way not only at home but also in the office, it destroys the good energy and disturbs its energy balance. When there is this energy misbalance, there is a defect in Vastu, only then the work of a person stops and the work made by him gets spoiled. That is why not only this, but we should not keep any broken picture in our office or at home.

7 Horse For Office

We are surrounded by energy. This energy gives us the strength to work and also gives us the courage to move forward. If this energy is not around us, then we will not be able to do anything. Often we see that we want to do some work but are unable to do it. We also have the desire to do that work, we are also ready, but at the same time when we are about to work, we do not know how to work. This happens when you run out of energy to work. Your mind becomes restless, simply because you do not have the energy that excites you to work. If you put a 7-horse picture in your workplace, then you will feel a change in its energy. The place where you were not able to work, now you can work easily at that place. Now your work is going well. There is no problem of any kind. But never put a picture of a 1 horse in the house. Its effect falls wrong in the house. While placing this picture in the office, keep one thing in mind the face of the picture should be towards the inside of the office. Not outside. When there is this picture in the office, seeing it, you will also feel the energy and due to this, you will also keep working with full effort.

2 Running Horse For Vastu

Every person wishes for success in life. Every person wants to be successful in life and wants to live a good life. But sometimes there are some such reasons which stop the path of his success. Due to this, we are not able to achieve that success that gives us happiness and we go ahead. The cause of the problem is a Vastu defect. Because when the position of our planets is bad due to Vastu defect then we start deteriorating or our work gets spoiled. If we put a picture of 7 running horses in our house, then this problem of ours goes away. There are many such pictures available in the market, but we have to put that picture in our house, in which the Sun God is riding on a chariot of 7 horses. This painting is very auspicious. You can’t put the painting anywhere. It is also written in Vastu Shastra that in which part of the house it should be placed, it should be taken care of. When you see it according to Vastu, then you get auspicious results. If you put it in the right direction. On the other hand, if you do not do this then it is also inauspicious. If you are putting it seeking the grace of God, then it should be kept in the east direction. The sun also rises from the east. Similarly, if Sun God is present in it, then it will be very auspicious for you.

Mahavastu Red Horse

Red color has a different significance in Vastu Shastra. It is related to the fire element. The red color in Vastu says that it is placed under the jurisdiction of Suraiya and Mangal. Due to being in the jurisdiction of both of them, some of their qualities also come into it. Like red color is associated with power and Energy. Sun has got the title of king among the planets, due to this, when the picture of 7 horses is placed in your office or house, then the Sun God is pleased with you and you also get success in your work. Mars is present on all the planets like a soldier because of which when you have a painting of a red horse, you have different energy and that fills you with positivity and makes you work harder. When you keep a redcolored horse in your office, you will also see a change in your character. You will see that there is some peace in your mind. Like you are doing everything very easily. You will see a calm person inside you. Red color, being under the jurisdiction of Sureya, also has the quality of a king, for which you will also take your decisions like a king or you will get complete success in your work. A red-colored horse is a symbol of courage and this quality will come in you too.

Fengshui Vastu Three Red Horses

The picture of a red horse is also beneficial in winter as red is the color of the sun. In the houses where the windows are in the south direction, we should keep them open, due to this red color enters the house. In the same way, the painting of the red horse also infuses the energy of the sun in us. If you have a child who is not sharp in their studies, put a red-colored horse sculpture or painting in his study room. By doing this, people who do not have stability or they get tired while doing work, their habits will get changed or start working well. It is also said to keep the idol of Red Horse in the south direction of the house because the south direction is very auspicious and beneficial according to Vastu. This direction is associated with fame and success. If we put an idol or painting of Red Horse in this place, then we get many opportunities to get many benefits. Many times it also happens that we do not have a place in the south direction of the house or due to some other reason we are not able to put the picture of a red horse on it. In such a situation, there is no need to panic, if you cannot put a picture of a red horse in the south direction, then you can also put a picture on the north or east wall of the house. You will get benefit even by doing this

South Direction For Red Horse

Whatever the thing related to Vastu, whenever we bring it to our home, its direction is decided in advance according to Vastu. Similarly, when we put a picture of 7 horses in our house, it has different effects in different directions. If you are working very hard but you are not getting success. You are not getting fame, for this you must put a picture of a red horse in your house. If you want to get success and fame, then you should keep a painting or statue of Red Horse in the south direction of your house. The south direction of the house brings fame or success in your favor. When you place the red colored horse in that direction then the positive energy emanating from it will increase and your success chances will be doubled. If you are a student or preparing for any examination, then put a picture in the south direction in your study room. It will bring positive energy to your study room. With this not only you can study well but you will also get good passing marks. If you take it in the South direction in the office, your status will increase. You will be respected in the workplace, new avenues will open for you and you will go on running towards success. That is why in order to be successful in any of your work or life, you should apply Red Horse painting in the South Direction at home or office.

North Direction For Red Horse

The North direction in the house brings happiness, prosperity, and prosperity to the house. Because of this, love remains in all of us. Relationships with each other get stronger. If due to any Vastu defect, the positive energy in this direction of the house gets spoiled in some way, then it affects the whole house. Due to the Vastu defect of the direction, the happiness and peace of the house end. Fights start in the house. In a house where there is no peace, it will be difficult for anyone to live. The main reason for this is the Vastu defect. If you want that happiness and peace in your home. So put a picture of the red color horse in the north direction of your house. With this, the Vastu defect in that direction will be corrected. If the energy of any one element is low, then the balance of other elements also gets disturbed. Which affects the whole house. Which is the reason for fighting or quarrel in any house or office. Putting a red horse picture in the north direction is the energy of the north direction of the house. It balances it. Due to which a happy atmosphere is created in the house. Which brings happiness and peace to the house. Similarly, each direction has its own separate energy source. Which has an impact on our lives.

East Direction For Red Horse

It is very important to have a red horse picture on the east side. If you want to grow in your career. The energy to improve our careers comes to us from the east. East side gives us career opportunities. When we are not able to focus on ourselves then our career growth stops. When we are not able to take the right decision in our life, many problems arise for us. And these troubles stop us from moving forward. We know that if there is a Vastu defect, it affects us everywhere. Not only at work but also in our personal life and our health. That is why by using the Red Horse picture, we can overcome these defects and grow in our careers. If there is a Vastu defect then we will not be able to think or work properly. To grow in a career, the most important thing is that we should appreciate the time. If we do not appreciate the time, then it will directly affect our work. If we keep a painting of Red Horse on the east side of the house, then it gives us the energy we need to move forward in our careers. That is why we should never deny Vastu, it is related to our life. And this is a part of our life. If we follow Vastu rules well, then we will get its benefits.

Running Horse

The solution to every problem has been written in Vastu Shastra. Whatever the problem may be. May it be the problem of money, be it illness or debt, then the way to emerge from every trouble has been written in it. If there is a shortage of money in your house and money is not coming from anywhere. So its remedy has also been given in Vastu Shastra. If there is a fight in your house. And if you are fed up with all these, then how to get rid of it has also been told. If you keep the painting of a red color horse in your house or keep the red color horse in your house then you can avoid all these troubles. By keeping the painting of a red color horse in your house, wealth will increase. By which your biggest problem will be solved. Money is the cause of most of the trouble. Because when there is no money in the house, there are problems in the house. By putting a painting of Red Horse in the house, wealth also increases. Due to this, you are able to fulfill all your needs. If there is money in the house, then all the quarrels in your house related to money will end. If you want to increase your business further. If you are not able to do it due to a lack of money, you can also increase it. You will feel a different happiness in every part of your life.

Mahavastu Running Horse

Studying is very important to move ahead in life. If you are not well educated then you will not be able to achieve a good position. It is also necessary to be well educated to have a good job. Place a picture of a red color horse in the south direction at the place where you study. This will increase your concentration. Just like a horse, there will always be active energy inside you. Just as a horse never gets tired while running, you will never get tired. You will keep moving forward in every stage of life without stopping. You will get respect from people and you will emerge as a good person. If you want to live such a life and want to remove despair from your life, then buy a red color horse idol in your house today. If you see a picture of 7 horses in your room with the sun setting on them, you too will ride progress in your life. If you look at the statue of a red-colored horse for some time, then seeing this running position, you yourself will feel like running to achieve your goal. That is why these idols have an important place in Vastu. And you will go ahead with it if you use it according to Vastu. If you use them by taunting Vastu rules, then it can also be inauspicious for you. That is why whenever there is any problem, we should follow the rules of Vastu Shastra and get them corrected.


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