Green Tape For Vastu


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  • 4 Inch Wide and 8 Feet Long
  • Color Tape Technique is used to remove Vastu faults in a building and correct the elemental disbalance in a space.
  • Color Tape is pasted on the floor to block anti-activity (normally toilets or incorrect entrances).

Green Tape Vastu

When it comes to Vastu, the green tape is known as the hue of medicine. Is the color a natural one? Green is also known as the hue of calm when seen. Alternatively, Vastu Market has this green lace. You can also get it in Kai size. You must have noticed that the hospital’s internal drapes are also green. The ham positivity data is shown by the green color. Alternatively, you can perform the patient well. Is there anyone who has gotten a pleasant vibe from the color green? This color is one of my favorites. When a hospital patient notices the color green. As a result, there is power in that. Or it improves quickly. Kio’s green nature is also green, or it brings nature into harmony. Our trees are also green in color. In Vastu, the east direction is also known as the green direction. Alternatively, this green color is associated with air elements. Elements are also used to create colors. Green has a very large size. Whenever Vastu’s Ender appears in green air. If you see green in the direction of the south, you will attract negativity. If the colors green and red represent air and fire, respectively, and they meet in you, they cause destruction. Or Green is not a nice color for the Southwest. If the color green appears in the east. By the way, both East and iron are metals. Iron can also cut wood. So it has a societal impact. The hue of what is taken is maintained in the answer.

Green Vastu Tape

The process starts with an accurate diagnosis of the problem, just like in medical technology. One of the 16 strategies for removing Vastu flaws in a building is the element strip approach. Color strips are used to remedy an elemental imbalance in an area in this technique. To determine whether the color should be added or removed, we must first determine what is causing the imbalance in the disturbed zone. Only by this methodical approach can we achieve a balanced condition and get the benefits that come with it. The goal of this fundamental strip approach is to restrict any unfavorable action or anti-activity (often toilets) by placing tape around the toilet seat on the floor. This method can also be used to mitigate the negative impacts of inappropriate entry. Green Tape Vastu Market has a variety of sizes. In the roll market, you can buy 3 to 4 inches. This market is available in any size, including mine. One roll of there is 65 meters. Our house is divided into 16 zones by Vastu, with the exception of three zones, in which the toilet is located. As a result, we have a bad impact on the toilet. So, if these bad consequences do not occur in our lives, we will tell you about several types of adventures to take. Vastu includes a green colored tape as one of the suggestions. Alternatively, you can tape around your toilet, which may influence your children. Water frequently causes the tape to come loose after it has been applied. You can also paint there if this is the case.

Green Tape For Vastu

We’ve all heard about how lovely colors can be in our life. Our lives become ruined if there is no color in them. Colors are verified on this path to ensure that any Vastu Shastra work is correct. Many times, we are fortunate enough to have a home designed according to Vastu Shastra. Even yet, there are issues in that residence. Because we had to paint several routes on various walls throughout the house. Vastu Shastra is full of vibrant colors. Different elements are represented by different colors. Fire is noted for its red hue. So the color of the water is blue, and the color of the air is green because it is green when there is a tree in it. Or the sky is completely white. The Guinea race is represented by the yellow hue. If there is any yellow color in the direction of water, which is north, or any red color, which is fire, then the Vastu fault is created in the direction of the water. The water direction of because brings you great success in relationships. The sensation of having sex or falling in love. There is interest in relationships if there is red color in the northwest. The balance of these elements will continue if you retain your balance, your blue color in the north and red color in the south.

Mahavastu Green Tape

Let us now discuss MahaVastu Green Tape. It is the body that is produced in the north direction, or is green in the north direction, as our kitchen is. The stove is crimson in hue. As a result, you don’t feel balanced. There is no happiness or prosperity in the kitchen after that. To your knowledge, if there is a mistake on someone’s birth certificate, it must be corrected in the direction your kitchen is facing. As a result, dosh is present in your birth chart. So you’ll find out what your horoscope is comprised of right here. You should also have a map of the current residence. God has punched the card if it is visible. It is the ideal setting. Those that desire to make their dreams a reality. Because we have learned that planets have been born in us. There is major damage to the environment if we keep the same review. Vastu begins to become beneficial from the moment here is observed. This is the path to take if you want to learn the tools today. When you work in a factory, you get a lot in this way. If we’re talking about taking a penny, is in the northwest. What we should do is change your path’s direction to the northwest. This will reveal the existence of a wish for someone.

Pooja Room Vastu

When we build a house, we sometimes notice where the place of worship should be. We are unsure of what we call God. You’ve made a mistake by putting God first. If the direction is North-East, the NorthEast gem caste for the worship room is extremely heavy. As a result, no large luggage should be stored here for any trip. It should not be too high if we wish to make Ishaan a place of worship. It should never be elevated above the puja room’s floor. We see what we need to keep in the Pooja room when putting it together. If you can use a mirror in a place of worship, you should avoid using one in the temple of God. Keep in mind that the idol in the Puja room should not exceed 9 inches in height. If seen, the God idol should be fashioned entirely of clay. Alternatively, the idol could be a wooden caste. Murtiaj is a moss-based species. However, you should not utilize a fiber idol or have a plastic idol in your home. Let’s talk about Shani Dev’s idol now. Shani Dev’s idol is usually constructed of iron. There is no need to travel. When installing the Lord’s idol, keep it facing east, toward the northeast. Install a trophy idol so that when you worship it, your face is towards the east.

East Facing House Vastu

Many people prefer the house facing the north direction. And east facing is the second choice of the house. Many people believe that the houses facing east are normal. If we consider it from a Vastu perspective, this can be both beneficial and negative. From this, we come to know that, only building the house in the right direction does not make it according to Vastu. Doors, windows, and rooms inside it can also cause Vastu defects. So if we build a house, we should care about the things according to Vastu. It is wrong to say that the auspicious and inauspiciousness of the house depends on the direction of the house. Some houses can be good in one direction and those in the other direction can be wrong. That is why we should not focus solely on one part of Vastu, but also consider other factors. One this should be kept in mind. This is written in Vastu as well. A bathroom should not be located in the northeast direction. This is not good according to Vastu. The bedroom should also not be in the northeast direction. Therefore, when we are building a house, we should get to know about these things beforehand like any Vastu Shastra pandit. There should not be a kitchen in the northeast corner of the house, one more this, planting trees in the north and east direction is also not auspicious.

South Facing House Vastu

According to common belief, the house in the south direction is considered to be inauspicious and with negative effects. But at the time of construction, if precautions are taken according to some Vastu, then all the properties and directions are auspicious. Let us know by adopting which Vastu tips, there is no south defect in a south-facing house? First of all, to eliminate the defect of the south-facing house, the picture of panchmukhi Hanuman Ji should be placed about the main door, negative energy will not enter the house. If a green neem tree is planted in front of the south-facing house at twice the distance from the main door, the negative effect of the south direction will be eliminated to a great extent. If there is another house twice as big as the house in front of the south-facing house, then the effect of the south direction will end to some extent. It is considered appropriate in terms of Vastu to make the main door in the south-facing plot at the igneous angle. If more and less open space is left in the west and south, then the fault of the south gets reduced. Planting small plants in such a plot in the east-east also reduces the defect. If your door is facing south, then place a life-size mirror just in front of the door in such a way the complete image of the person entering the house is made in the mirror. With this, the negative energy entering the house along with the person entering the house reverses and goes back.

West Facing House Vastu

Due to misunderstanding, west-facing houses are often considered auspicious. We spoke to some Vastu experts to understand how we can harness the power of west-facing homes to make them prosperous for homeowners. According to Vastu, the worship room and the living room should be in the north-east direction of the house, as it is considered to be the most auspicious corner. According to puja Ghar Vastu, you can make the temple of the house in the west direction for the west-facing house. Keep In mind that the pictures and idols of the deities should be in the east direction. In many ancient temples of India also, the main idol is placed in the western region while its face is in the east direction. The second direction is considered auspicious in the east direction. Therefore, according to Vastu in west-facing houses, you can place the deities in this direction in the house of worship. In west-facing houses, children’s rooms can be in the south, west, or north-west while guest rooms can be made in the north-west. According to Vastu, the worship room and the living room should be in the northeast part of the house as it is considered to be the most auspicious corner. For the master bedroom, the Southwest direction is best. If you have a multi-story house then the master bedroom should be on the top floor. For the kitchen, focus on the southeast corner. According to Vastu, the kitchen should not be below or above the puja room, bedroom, or toilet.

Staircase Vastu

While following the Vastu norms of the staircase, keep these other things in mind as well. Landlords who live on the ground floor themselves and the upper part is given to the tenants, should ensure that they do not have stairs at the main entrance. Vastu experts say that this can also lead to financial problems. The stairs built inside the house should never start from the kitchen storeroom or the house. It is good to have doors at the beginning and end of the ladder. Interior stairs should be built in such a way that it is not directly in the line of sight of your visitors. The way you walk your stairs can have a lasting impact on your physical health. For this reason, Vastu rules should be followed for the orientation of the stairs. According to the Vastu rules of stairs, the stairs should always be rotated clockwise while climbing up. In other words, the person using the stairs to go up must move from north to south or east to west. Vatu experts think that stairs in an anti-clockwise direction can affect career growth. According to Vastu Shastra, square and rectangular stairs inclined at right angles are best for interior or exterior stairs. The stairs which are too steep or too high make the user feel tired as he has to use them every time. This is the reason why experts ask property owners not to build spiral staircases.

South West Entrance Vastu

Is the direction of your main entrance south-west? What is the direction of your main entrance to the southwest? What kind of energy are you feeling in your home? How is your experience pleasant or full of problems? The main purpose of Vastu is to give remedies according to your directions. Based on your date of birth, it is decided that how the effect of a particular direction on one family brings prosperity and its effect on the other family is negative. Hence the right direction has a profound effect on your life. The use of the South-west direction of the house for the main entrance of the house is considered inappropriate, it has negative consequences. However, as per Vastu Shastra, Vastu remedies for the southwest direction can help in reducing the negative effects and increase the positive energy around the house. Since large spaces in the southwest area of the house can cause damage, they should be avoided. Instead, open space should be created in the North-East area of your home to encourage positive energy. Make sure not to place an underground water tank in the southwest corner of the house. Instead, build an upper water tank on the southwest side of the house to create a balance of energy around your house. According to Vastu, always keep heavy, items like cupboards, washing machines, and sofas in the southwest corner. This remedy will help you prevent negative energy from accumulating inside your home.


According to Vastu Shastra, what should be in which direction in the house? It is mentioned in many architectural texts. Bhavan is also found in other texts including Bhaskar and Vishwakarma Prakash. According to Vastu, the main gate of an ideal house should be in the east or north direction only. On the other hand, the slope of your house toward east, north, or east-north is considered auspicious. Thus, according to Vastu, the rooms, halls, kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms of the house should be in a particular direction. Due to this, there is no Vastu defect in the house and people remain happy. East direction is the direction of the sunrise. Positive and energetic rays enter our house from this direction. If the main gate of the house is in this direction then it is very good. Can also put a window. If your kitchen or toilet is in the west direction. Also, keep in mind that the kitchen and toilet are not nearby. Most windows and doors of the house should be in the north direction. The balcony and washbasin of the house should also be in this direction. If the main get is in this direction and so on. There should not be any kind of opening, toilet, etc. Keep heavy items at this place in the house. If there is a door or window in this direction, then there will be negative energy in the house and the level of oxygen will also decrease. This increase the trouble in the house.

Vastu Shastra

Every person aspires to get happiness and prosperity in his life. For this, he works hard day and night so that he can provide all kinds of luxury facilities to himself and the members of the family. The connection of happiness at home depends on what kind of energy resides in our house. There is both positive and negative energy around the house. It is very necessary to have positive energy around a person for happiness, glory, progress, and mental peace. Today we will discuss with you some of the factors affecting the financial life of a person, which are related to the Vastu present in the house. In Hindu scriptures, the broom is considered a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, and Mata Lakshmi is the goddess of happiness, wealth, opulence, splendor, and wealth. For this reason, the broom is considered a very thing for economic and wealth. In Vastu Shastra, it is explained in detail about keeping the broom. According to Vastu, the broom should always be kept in places where no one’s eyes can reach it easily. Apart from this, the broom should never be kept standing in the house. According to Vastu, one more thing has been told about the broom, which the broom should not be planted in the house even in the evening. In such a situation, the houses where these rules related to broom are followed never face any financial problems.

Vastu For Home

According to Vastu Shastra, if a pigeon nest is built in a house, then it is considered an indicator of financial trouble. In such a situation, keep in mind that no pigeon can make its nest anywhere in your house. In astrology, the dove is considered a symbol of Rahu. On one hand, having flowers and plants at home is considered to be the abode of happiness and prosperity, on the other hand, having thorny plants in the house has more effect on economic problems. According to Vastu Shastra, no such plant should be planted in the house or courtyard which has thorns. This creates financial problems in the life of the members of that household. It is believed that in the houses where there is always cleanliness, there are always the blessings of Mother Lakshmi and Lord Kubera. Webs and junk are considered to be the biggest sources of negative energy in the house. In such a situation, never allow webs to be set in the house. These nets should be removed from time to time. The financial condition worsens due to the presence of traps and filth. In the houses whose walls and corners are always damp, there is never any place for Maa Lakshmi. Water is considered a symbol of wealth. In such a situation, if water keeps dripping from the tap in the house or there is dampness, then the person has to face financial problems in his life.

Vastu Shastra For Home

According to Vastu Shastra, there is always a flow of positive energy in the houses or establishments in which Vastu-compliant things are made or kept. In such a situation, there is always happiness and prosperity in the lives of the people living in these places, while the places where there are many types of Vastu defects are occupied by negative energies. If there is negative energy at home, there are many types of financial and mental problems in the life of a Person. According to Vastu, if the balance of the five elements gets disturbed at home. There are obstacles in many happiness and peace. In such a situation by following some Vastu rules, the existing Vastu defects at home can be eliminated. According to Vastu, many types of defects arise when dirt enters the house. In such a situation removing the spider web, dust, and dirt inside the house from time to time does not keep negative energy in the house. Many types of positive energy also keep coming out of trees and plants. Plants planted in homemade beds or pots should be watered regularly. If any plant dries up, remove it immediately. It is beneficial to arrange an overhead water tank in the southwest direction. It is often seen that noises keep coming out of the doors and windows of the house, in such a situation while opening and closing the door, close it carefully, so that the cracking sound does not come out.

North Facing House Vastu

According to the Vastu of the house, North facing houses are considered very suspicious. It is said that the north direction is the direction of Kuber, the god of wealth and prosperity, so the chances of a good flow of money in the house are high. However, the fact remains that the flow of money and positive energy in the house depends on Vastu compliance. If the North facing house is constructed according to the Vastu plan, then there is a strong possibility of getting success, well-being, happiness, and positivity in the house. North facing hose is very auspicious but it is not suitable for everyone. Depending on the profession and zodiac sign of the people effect of North facing houses varies. These houses are suitable for businessmen, accountants, bankers, investors, communicators, stock market traders, astrology and Vastu service providers, and people working in the business of hospitality, hotels travel, and tourism. According to zodiac astrology, these houses are most suitable for the people of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. According to the Vastu of a North facing house, the main door of the house should be in the North direction. If the length of the main gate is divided into nine equal parts from North-East to North-West, then the fifth part of pada is considered auspicious. The third, fourth, and eighth Padas in the north direction are also considered to bring wealth and prosperity to the house. Avoid placing the main door of the house or the entrance of the house in the North-West direction. Placing the main door in the northwest direction can adversely affect the members of the house.

Vastu For Shop

According to Vastu Shastra, if there is an internal and external arrangement of your shop or showroom, then you will get auspicious results. The principle of Vastu is inapplicable in all walks of life. The places where we go to work every day, the Vastu of that places is very important. Whether it is a house or a shop, the presence of the five elements is everywhere. The harmony of the five elements in a particular place is the science of Vastu. So it is clear that the principle of Vastu not only affects the house but also the shop etc. Vastu has special importance in the shop also. If your shop is Vastu compatible then it gives auspicious results from every point of view. Many times it has been seen that despite having a shop in the main market, sales are not getting as much as they should be. The main reason for this is the presence of Vastu defects in your shop. The slope of the shop should not be toward the entrance. Do not keep any heavy items in the Northeast corner of the shop. Keep this space either empty or as light as possible. This place should always be kept clean. Keep the arrangement of drinking water in the shop in North, Northeast, or East. By doing this, Lakshmi benefits from the shop and gains money.

Vastu For Study Room

Every parent has always been concerned about the education of their children, continuing to try to make the child the best and the best. So that their child can get a good education and be successful in life. However many parents often complain that their child’s mind is not focused on studies. They spend their lives studying at home and are unable to concentrate on their studies. If your child does not feel like studying, then according to Vastu Shastra it can also be due to a Vastu defect in the study room. According to Vastu’s defect related to studies in the study room, the child’s mind is not able to concentrate due to which he is not able to perform well. Let us know what should be the study room of the child according to Vastu. According to Vastu, the direction of the study room in the house should be southwest. Apart from this, the blessings of the sun, mercury, and Jupiter are always received by having the study room in the east north direction. The shape of the table in the study room should be square and rectangular. This puts the mind of the students in studies. One should not study or sleep while sitting under a beam or trough, otherwise mental stress arises and studies will not be felt. If the rays of the sun come into the study room in the morning, then the windows and doors should be kept open in the morning, so that the positive energy of the morning sun can be beneficial.

Study Room Vastu

For the development that mankind has made in thousands of years, credit goes to the countless inventions and discoveries made by humans, for which intensive studies and research work were done, Tis ability to study gives us immense benefits at the individual level as well. However, studying is one of the most difficult cumbersome, and indifferent tasks for children. At present, the situation has become even more complicated. The level of competition has become so high that if the child is not interested in studies, then it becomes very difficult for him to keep pace with other children. However, parents should always keep in mind that the career of the child should be made in the same direction in which he is interested in himself. Still, appropriate measures should be taken to ensure that the child does not lag too far behind in their studies. You will be well aware that for studying, understanding, or remembering something. You need a calm and good environment so that the ability to understand and remember what has been read increases manifold. The study room made according to Vastu Shastra can not only enhance the ability of the child to understand and remember, but it also creates an environment in which studies for the child are no longer just a burden. So let us know what kind of study room should be made according to Vastu Shastra.

Vastu For Shop

plan Just as special attention has been given to the Vastu of the house in Vastu Shastra, in the same way, great importance has been given to the Vastu of the shop. It is said that just as the Vastu of the house deteriorates, problems start coming into the family. In the same way, when the Vastu of the shop is bad, then there are obstacles in its progress and there is a decrease in wealth and food grains. Therefore, Vastu expects to tell that the shopkeeper should take special care that the Vastu of the shop is correct, otherwise the owner of the shop suffers loss instead of profit. So let us know according to Vastu, which condition and direction are the most correct and accurate for the shop, and in which direction the shop proves to be harmful. Along with this, you will know that even if a person takes a shop in the wrong direction, then how he can improve it. According to Vastu Shastra, if a person has an east-facing shop, then it is considered auspicious. But the shopkeeper has to take care of some special things related to it. Like, open the shop on time. Keep in mind no customer returns from the shop due to the closure of the shop, so if possible, keep the products in such a way that they sell quickly.

Vastu For Shop Entrance

The entrance to the shop is the place at which the first sight of the customer comes. According to Vastu Shastra, it is right to choose east, north, and northeast for the entrance of the shop. Whereas the entrance of the shop should never be made in the west and south direction. Due to this, the business has to face trouble and the economic condition also does not get better. According to Vastu Shastra, both these directions are considered good for making the entrance of the shop. In the direction, East and North are considered auspicious directions. If your shop is facing east, that is, the entrance of your shop is in the east direction, and then it is very good and beneficial for your business. Apart from this, if the entrance of the shop is in the north direction, then it will increase the wealth of your shop and your name and your name will shine in the whole market and your reputation will increase. Choosing either of these two directions for the entrance is not good for you and your business. If you make the entrance in the west direction then your business will always remain in shape. Sometimes it will go well, sometimes it will be bad, sometimes it will be slow and sometimes it will be fast. Apart from this, if you choose the south direction, then it is not good for your business at all. Your business will move forward crawling like an ant and you will remain short of money

Vastu Mirror 5226

According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of mirror placement can stabilize and spoil the energy. Therefore, to lead a peaceful life, lit is important to keep the mirror in the proper position and direction. By changing the direction of the mirror, there can be an increase in wealth in your house. The mirror is present in every house and this mirror plays an important role in bringing positive energy into your home according to Vastu, a mirror is capable of influencing positive as well as negative energy. According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of placing a mirror can stabilize and spoil the energy. Therefore, to lead a peaceful life, it is important to keep the mirror in the proper position and direction. By changing the direction of the mirror, there can be an increase in wealth in your house. Let us know that according to Vastu rules, in which direction placing a mirror will give positivity. According to Vastu, a mirror should never be placed on the wall of the west or south direction inside the house. East and north direction is considered auspicious for a mirror. North direction is the center of Lord Kuber the God of wealth, so it is important to keep this direction energetic and positive. To maintain the good energy that helps in increasing wealth, one can place a mirror next to any type of cash box. This will increase wealth. For better health, the mirror in the bathroom should be on the east or north sidewalls. It helps to remove negativity.


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