Green Landscape Painting


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DIRECTION OF PLACEMENT – NORTH SIZE -18 X 24 INCH BENEFITS: Create new opportunities, generates recognition brings the flow of clients, and promotion.

Green Scene Painting

Green color has great importance in Vastu Shastra. The green color is related to the air element. If there is any defect in the green air element in the house or office, then it has a profound effect on our life. By applying green screen painting in the house, the atmosphere of the house remains fine. There is prosperity in work and health problems are also cured. If you keep the painting of green screen in your house in the north direction, then it is very beneficial in business. This gives new work opportunities and also increases work. If you have been preparing for a job for a long time and you are not able to get a job, then the chances of getting a job increase. New avenues open up for you. New avenues of earning money start opening. There is an atmosphere of happiness and prosperity in the house as well. Because this makes Vastu even good. Green painting changes the energy in your home when it is on the North Side. Whenever you are applying any painting or doing any other work, if you do it according to Vastu, then it will be good for both you and your future. Doctors also recommend the Morning Walk because we look at the trees and look at the grass while walking in the park in the morning. This improves our vision. And by applying green screen painting in the house, we also get similar benefits

Green Landscape Painting

Vastu Shastra has been going on since ancient times. Earlier, when people used to build their houses, they used to build them according to Vastu. Because they used to believe in Vastu Shastra. As we know, the green scene painting has green color. And green is the color of air. Along with this, it is also related to intelligence. The more intelligent you are, the more intelligent you will take decisions. When your intelligence doesn’t support you, you often fall behind. Because you do not get the right path and you are not able to take the right decision on time and in the end, you get disappointed. If you are also in the same problem then you should apply green scene painting in your house. By applying this in your house, this problem of yours will go away very soon. And you will be able to take a good decision. Good decisions will make you successful in your life and you will lead a successful life. Because when there is a Vastu defect of air, it also affects your mind. Due to this, you’re thinking power decreases. Due to less power in your thinking, you start getting frustrated. When all the elements are in balance, then you will do your work well and you will get money in your pocket. With which you will be able to fulfill your needs and also increase your business further.

Landscape Paintings For Vastu

Often there are fights in the houses, due to which the atmosphere of tension remains in the houses. In this way, the peace in the house ends. Due to this differences start to arise in mutual relationships. This only happens when your mind is not calm. If you have a green painting on the north side of your house, then it will destroy that negative energy. The energy has spoiled the atmosphere of your home and you are not able to live comfortably. Everyone will get patience by applying this painting. Because where there is no patience, there can never be peace. Your family will lead a happy life. Disputes arise among Themselves due to Vastu defects. Due to this bitterness starts coming into the relationship. All this happens only due to the imbalance of the elements. Many times we do not even know about it and we have done Vastu Dosh. And we come to know when some great trouble starts coming upon us. Vastu defect occurs only when we bring something into our house about which we do not know that it can spoil Vastu. It is known when the damage starts to happen. If there is money lost, and you are not getting a job, then put a green scene painting on the north direction of the house and you will see the difference yourself.

4 Mahavastu Green Paintings

If we have plants around our house then it is very auspicious for us. Because plants give us oxygen. Apart from this, there are also many reasons, Due to this, it is auspicious for us. Often we want to grow our business. But we stay for only one reason and that is money. If we have money then only we can invest it. If we have a money problem then where will we invest and how will we grow your business. No work can be done without money. In such a situation, you should put a painting of green screen in your house. In the north direction of the house. By doing this, whatever money problem you have, it will go away, that’s why the North direction is auspicious for money. Whenever there is any problem, there is some relation to Vastu. Because there are many such problems in our life, which are always related to Vastu. When you get the solution to that element, then you come out of that problem. For example, if you have a problem with money, then to solve it, you can put a painting in the north direction in your house. By doing this the problem of money will be solved. You will find new avenues of earning. So that you can invest in your business. Due to this, both your home and the environment outside will remain happy.

Vastu Remedy Paintings

The history of Vastu Shastra is very ancient. But some people didn’t believe it was true. It really affects our lives. But now people have started believing it and have started understanding its principles. People have started paying interest on it in the last 20 years. When their life started changing with the use of Vastu. Because everyone wants to live a good life. A good life means that he can have everything he ever wished for. It can be anything a car, a house, a job. What makes us happy. A good life means that he can have everything he ever wished for. If we do not correct Vastu defects, we will not get them either. If we can solve those problems then our situation will be fine. We can live the life we are dreaming of living. Green Scene painting is the solution to that Vastu Defect. Green scene painting will eliminate the negative energy which is blocking all those paths in our life. Which leads us to success. And leads to a better life. By applying Green Scan Painting in the house, the Vastu of our house got fixed, due to which the money was stuck. When the money comes, we will be able to fulfill all our needs. And we will be able to live a good life too. Whatever your desire to buy a car, or home, you will be able to fulfill it.

Green landscape Art For Vastu

Earlier people did not pay so much attention to Vastu, but now people have started paying a lot of attention to Vastu. People have started paying attention only because Vastu has started benefiting them. Many such problems of people who they did not have any solution, they were solved by Vastu and they are living a good life. Like a person wants to have a car of his choice. But due to family problems and financial problems, he can get the car. Because if he fulfills the needs of the house, then with the money that is left, he will fulfill his wish. But due to all the money being spent in-home and outside work, neither he can save money nor can add. Because of this, his dream is remaining only a dream. If you are also in such a situation, then put a green scene painting in your house. Applying this painting according to Vastu in your office in your home. It will change your life. New sources of money will start being created for you. Due to this Lakshmi Maa will come into your life. Because when you keep this painting in the north direction then the sources of income will be strong. You will have enough money that you will be able to buy the thing of your choice and also be able to invest in your business.

Hand Paintings For Vastu

There is a reason for the importance of pictures in Vastu Shastra. Which creature and object are made in painting, that object has importance in Vastu Shastra. In painting, objects and creatures are created, which transforms negative energy into positive, creating a vibrant atmosphere in our lives. Many such desires in this world cannot be fulfilled without money. You want to travel somewhere but due to lack of money you do not think of going anywhere. Green hand painting is the solution to that problem. This will keep your money in your hands because you will get new ways to earn money. When you have the money you can go anywhere and you won’t have to worry about where you got the money from. Because money will mostly solve your problems. You can also go abroad. If you put green screen painting in the north direction, then now you can earn a lot of money. If you have money then you can use it to start a new business. By investing this money in a new business, you can push a new business forward. In green painting, there is a color green, which is related to our mind. Whatever we do, whatever problems come to our mind, they get cured. It is very helpful in mental and money-related problems. Because if there is money then our mental condition also remains fine.

Scenery Painting Green For Vastu

If there is negative energy in the house then everything will go on turning upside down in that house. If you have thought about any of your work then it will not happen and other things will also get spoiled. Vastu affects us in such a way that it not only affects our work but also our business. If you have a plot of land, and you have thought that you want to build a house on this land in the future. Vastu defects can spoil that dream of yours. Because if your Vastu gets spoiled then you may also lose money. And if you don’t have money. And if your money goes on being spent then you will not be able to build your house. When there is any defect in Vastu elements, their balance gets disturbed. Which affects everyone’s life. If we want to pursue any work, it cannot go further. Green scenery painting when you put it in the north direction. According to Vastu in your home or office. Money will stop with you and you will be able to build your house. Not only this, with that money you will also be able to make things of your wish in your house. Due to lack of money, your money is not with you. That’s why if you want money to stay with you and you can build a house of your own choice, then green scene painting in your house.

Green Architechture For Vastu

If there is greenery around our house then it will be auspicious for us. Because green color has a lot of effect on our life. If we keep plants in our house too, then it keeps positive energy in our house. So we should not keep ourselves away from this nature. If we make our house in such a way that we have plants in our house and open-air comes in the house then we will live a healthy life. Often people fall ill. Every time the cause of illness doesn’t need to be the wrong food. Sometimes our health can also deteriorate due to Vastu defects. If we want to live a healthy life, then we should make our house according to green architecture. Because in green architecture, a lot of attention is paid to natural energy and green energy. Due to which the air in our house also gets good, the body remains fresh with the open air. If the body remains fresh then only we will be able to lead a good life and work. We will be safe from many types of diseases. Because living in the wrong place can also be the main reason for the disease. If the place where you live is not good, your health is getting worse or you will not be able to live properly. Therefore, whatever you are building your house, try to make it according to the rules of Green Vastu. And also take care of Vastu in it.

Vastu Green Drawing

The green color also removes many diseases. For example, many problems like depression, and mental stress, get away with this color. This color is so auspicious that it creates positive energy in you, which gives you the strength to fight against all kinds of diseases. Getting green color in your house is also considered auspicious. But whenever you get green color done in the house, it should be done according to Vastu. Because if we do not build our house according to Vastu, then we only get into trouble. Often doctors also ask the patient to go for a walk in the morning. They ask them to be in some fresh air and walk in the morning. Because it has a direct effect on health. If you also get green color done in your house and keep green scan painting then it will be auspicious for you. Whatever your health-related problem, it will go away. You will start living a healthy life. Where you keep green scene painting in the house, there you will be healthy. Along with this, the problems related to money will also be removed from your home. If you have money then you can invest it in your business. And you will be able to run your work more smoothly. Along with this, you will also be able to fulfill the needs of your home. These are the benefits of green paint and green painting if you keep them in your home.

Green Painting Price for Vastu

Sometimes we do some Vastu defect by mistake. Which we don’t even get to know about. When we come to know about it. Then it’s too late for us. If we want to come out of this problem, then we have to take the help of Vastu. Because without the help of Vastu, Vastu defects cannot be corrected. We can find out from Vastu Shastra only how weak an element has been made by us due to Vastu Dosh. If money is not coming into your house, then this defect will be removed by painting your green screen. And you can get this easily. There are many types of painting too, but after seeing you have to take green screen painting. Because wrong painting can also cause Vastu defects. Keeping a green scan painting in the north direction can increase the chances of getting a job. Job avenues will be open for you, due to which you will grow as a good person. If you get a job in a good place, then money will come into the house and a good atmosphere will remain in your house. You will prosper and your prestige will also increase. All this will happen when you put green screen painting in your house that too in the north direction. Only then will you be able to enjoy all these pleasures. Without it, you will never be able to find a way out of that problem. Because Vastu is used to correct Vastu defects.

Buy Painting For Vastu

Every person wants to stay away from diseases in his life. Because diseases not only spoil our body, but at the same time we also spoil our time with work. No person wants that his work should stop and his health should always be bad. Every human wants to have a good life. But Vastu Dosh derails the running clock of our life. Due to this, we lag behind and people get ahead. The effect of which lasts on our life for a long time. No human being wants this to happen to him. So if we want to avoid this problem then. If we want to save ourselves from this trouble then for our family. We have to install green screen painting in our house according to Vastu. We get green scan painting easily. That’s why we should put it in our house. And whenever we get our house built, then at that time also we should take care. Whether we are making our house according to Green Vastu or not. Because by building such a house, we can get the benefit of the Vastu. If we get our house built like this, then only it is auspicious for us. And peace comes into our life. It is said in Vastu Shastra that if we keep green screen painting in our house. And get your our built according to the rules of Vastu. Only then do we get the benefit of Vastu and only then do we get the positive energy of the green element. Therefore, green scene painting has to be used as per the principles of Vastu.

Tree Painting Vastu

There are many other such paintings that are auspicious for us. For example, if we put tree painting in our house, then we also get a lot of benefit from it. If we put a painting of a tree in our house, then Lakshmi comes to our house. When we have money in our house then our life will be happy and good. Most of the problems in our house are due to negativity. If that negative energy remains in the house then there is no peace in the house. If somehow that negative energy gets away from our house then prosperity will start in our house. For this, a green scan painting will have to be used. This will create harmony among the members of the house. Due to love in the house, there will be no fights in the house and a good atmosphere will be created in the house. An environment in which everyone would love to live. And you will be able to move ahead in life. If there is love in the family, then the negativity of the house will also go away automatically. With this, you will be able to focus better on your work, which will also increase the work. You will be able to do good work in your business. This is the benefit of the tree painting in the house. That’s why we must keep tree painting in the house.

Green Painting For Home

Often such an atmosphere is created in the house that no one is aware of. All this happens because of the energy present in the house. The effect of this energy affects you in such a way that if you want to go out somewhere or study abroad, then it also affects us. Therefore, Due to this,the energy which was supposed to support you in going abroad gets cured and you can study outside. If there is a green tree painting in the house, it converts that energy into positive energy. It is the dream of every parent that their child goes out for studies but due to financial constraints, he is not able to send his child outside. All this happens only because of the problem of money in the house. If there is a green screen painting in the house, then the problem of money in the house starts reducing. If you have a dream that your child should study outside, then you can fulfill it. Applying just one painting will make a huge difference to your home that your family’s as well as your children’s lives. With which they will be able to go out and fulfill their dreams. So Vastu Shastra was created by the gods, to make our lives better. Good Vastu also makes our life auspicious. And also make our life full of happiness and prosperity.

Green Painting For Office

It has been told in Vastu that if we are building an office, then it will be very good for us if it is made according to Vastu. If we make the office according to green architecture, then our work becomes better. We will get new contracts and this will help us grow our business. If there is a green screen painting in the office, then it will eliminate all the negative energy present in the office, which will be beneficial for our work. If green tree painting is done in the office, then the good atmosphere in the office remains positive. Due to which everyone can do good work in the office. According to Green Architect, there are many benefits of building an office keeping in mind the rules of Green Architect. This also maintains the natural air in the office. The natural atmosphere of the office is maintained. Where there is positive energy in the office, new ideas come to the mind of the employees. By following this people can take the business to a new level. Because ideas to promote business comes only when the mind is positive. And he can think creatively. It is also very important to have a positive environment to think creatively. Being in the office, the green painting creates a positive atmosphere in the office. By which new ideas come and we get benefit in our business and also create employment opportunities for other people.

Green Painting For Study Room

When we make our house according to green Vastu, then every room of our house should be prepared accordingly. Because if every room of the house is made according to it, then there will always be that energy in the house that brings Lakshmi to the house and brings prosperity. If such energy always remains in our house, then we will like to live in that house and at the same time, our children will also have good development. Mental health will also be good with green scene painting. Because it is written in Vastu that the green color also cures mental problems. If your children are sick, they will be fine. If they do not feel like studying and they are not able to pass the exam as well. If their room will be in the context of green architecture and there will be green landscape painting in their study room, then they will be able to study well or will be able to pass with good marks. Vastu defect has the same effect on the mind of the children as it does on every member of the house. Just as all the household chores stop, in the same way the mental development and concentration of the children also ends. For the better future of the children, green screen paintings should be kept in their room so that they can read and make their own future. If we look at green landscape painting, then it also has a good effect on our eyes. Just like looking at the trees, the eyesight will be fine. We feel natural energy inside of us if we see green landscape paintings.

Green Painting For Money

In today’s time, every person wants to earn good money. Every person wants that he should have a good salary, or he should have a good occupation so that he can live a good life. And can complete the needs of his family and achieve whatever he wants. Every person wants to have a good house in which he can live well and his family lives happily. Many times these things get away from you due to Vastu defects. You can fall down from your success because of Vastu Dosh. Your ongoing work may stop. But it also has a solution. Vastu is the solution to Vastu Dosh. By applying green landscape painting in your home, all your troubles will gradually end. Money problems happen when the path to money gets blocked. This path is blocked only when you do any Vastu defect, causing an imbalance of your elements. Due to the problem of elements, not only do your money-related problems increase but your mental stress also starts to flare up. So the first thing you lose is concentration. If there is no concentration then you will not be able to work. And if you are not able to work then money problems will remain in your life. Green landscape painting also enhances your concentration. It sends an influx of positive energy to your mind. And this ends your money problem. Because now you can concentrate and complete your work.

Green Painting For Job

It is very difficult to get a job in today’s life. In today’s time, there is a lot of competition the competitions. In such a situation, if you get a job, then you consider yourself very lucky. It is not necessary that you are not getting the job because you do not deserve it. Everything has two sides. Maybe you are not able to find a job due to a Vastu defect. It is possible that due to Vastu defects, the way to get your job is getting closed. Before it is too late, you should get the Vastu defects corrected. Because if the Vastu defect is corrected, then you will also be able to find a job and work. To get a job, put a green landscape painting in your house in the north direction. Because the North direction is the direction where the opportunities come. New avenues are found. In this way the sum of your earnings becomes correct. When we do not get a job due to a Vastu defect, we blame ourselves. Can we get that job by removing Vastu defects? We can achieve every destination which is beyond our thinking. If our Vastu will is right. It is written in Vastu Shastra that if your work is not going on. Or if your work is stopped. You are not getting a job. Correct you’re Vastu Defect which blocks that path of your success and prosperity, then you will also get a job and your work will continue.

Green Painting For Health

It is said that in a healthy body there is a healthy mind. And a healthy mind takes us forward in life. A healthy mind always keeps us positive. And gives us the energy to do the work. Only with a healthy body can we lead a good life. If the body itself is not healthy then how will we be able to work? If we are not able to work then we will not be able to fulfill our daily needs. Due to this such difficulties will come in our life and there will be tension in our house. And we will be left behind in life. No one wants to be behind in their life. But due to Vastu defects, many times we lose a lot in life. Good business, good family, good body. But all these can be fixed in time. If Vastu is corrected in time. Vastu defects can also be the reason for health issues. Many times we take many types of medicines but it does not make any difference in our body. In this, the fault is not of medicine, it is because of Vastu, which starts spoiling your body. Due to which your body does not feel whatever you eat for good health. Green landscape painting corrects that flaw of yours. Which brings your health and your life back on the right track.

Green Painting For Work

There is prosperity in the house and happiness in life only when your health and your work are good. Because the work is good then you will be able to live a good life and you will also have good health. But as much as the Vastu defect affects health, it also affects work. The job doesn’t always have to be bad, it may just stop whatever you do. Many times if you are going to do some important work, then even that is not possible. If we want to start any business of ours but there are many problems in starting it, then you can use Vastu to solve it. Wherever you go to start your work, you will get success. If your Vastu is fine. By applying green landscape painting in your house, the Vastu of your house will be better. And all your stalled work will be done. Who has stayed till now? Work stops only because of Vastu defects. As soon as a green landscape painting will come into your home or office. In this way, it will start her work. It will correct every defect which is causing your failure. It will also stabilize your mental balance which was getting worse due to lack of work. Due to lack of work, there is also a problem of money in the house that too gets cured by this.

Mahavastu Green Painting For Home

Green painting has been asked to use in Vastu Shastra to create a good atmosphere in the house. It has been advised to do this to create a good atmosphere in the office. Even if green skein painting is applied in the child’s study room, then it also benefits the children’s studies. If someone is ill in the house, then if there is a green landscape painting in his room, his health can also improve. If there are fights in the house and you are fed up with it, then by applying green scene painting in the house, these fights can also be stopped. Because there can be many reasons for fighting in the house, such as differences of opinion, money, and fights in relationships. All these problems can be there due to a lack of money or healthrelated problems of someone in the house. And all these things are directly related to Vastu defects. Because if there is a Vastu defect, it also affects health. It affects work. It affects relationships. As soon as you correct this defect with the help of green landscape painting, it all starts getting better. It has been told in Vastu Shastra that if there is a Vastu defect, then you will have to face these problems and if the Vastu is corrected then you can get rid of them. In this way, green landscape painting relieves us of many problems. And makes our life full of happiness and peace.


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