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Who is Pinnacle Vastu?

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कल्याणमस्तुसर्वेषां, विलसन्तुसमृद्धय: ।
सुखा: समीरणावान्तु, भान्तुसर्वादिश: शुभा:ll
अर्थ: – सबका कल्याण हो, सबकी धन सम्पत्ति बढे, सुखदायी वायु बहे, सभी दिशाएँ कल्याणकारी होकर सुशोभित हों।

Occult Sciences is a concept of healing and therapeutic energies that extends a better living style, and Pinnacle Vastu is extensively working on the remedies and practical analysis of the situation. From learning to implementing, Pinnacle Vastu offers it all. With over 60 franchises spread across India including Dubai and Australia, Pinnacle Vastu is dedicated to the services like Vastu, Numerology, and Astrology Consultancy, Courses, and Remedies. In all, Pinnacle Vastu is a one-stop destination for Occult Sciences and its application.
Vastu is a magic that beholds energy from your Karmic actions and we can balance out our life only through a constant effort of improving those actions. This is what defines and changes our destiny. Pinnacle Vastu works on the science of building and sketching a property as per the laws of natureto implement the positive energies and build a blissful and harmonious environment. We have an expertise in commercial, industrial and residential spaces to build a positive and profitable (economically or emotionally) environment. We’re empathetic to what our clients believe in and focus to fulfil the desires one dreams for.
With abundance praise to the spiritual powers, our personally designed Vastu tips and remedies have helped our clients prosper across the world.


To serve the society through establishing new & reliable frontiers in the field of esotericism.


To be an A-1 brand in occult practices, products and education globally.

Core Values

We’re passionate & believe in motivating leadership.
We focus to move forward in faith than following a superstitious path.
Relentless growth but not alone: We aim at team building and its management.
We believe in doing the right things with integrity, honesty, and reliability.


Acharya Vikul Bansal

Meet Acharya Vikul Bansal, an exceptionally driven passionate individual who is constantly in pursuit to bring out and serve best…




Why Us ?

“Pinnacle Vastu is known to have strong connections with its clients for their empathy to solve the client’s problems with quick, affordable, and efficient remedies.”

At Pinnacle Vastu, we work on the root cause and study the authentic problems of the clients in relation to their Vastu and Numerology. We believe in easy and practical remedies before property demolishing. We serve with clarity than following a blind faith!

Pinnacle Vastu offers you a healing and spiritual space to lead an optimistic life filled with gratitude and happiness.

Our Services

Our experts provide effective Numerology and vastu Services to the clients across the globe. Life is not a bed of roses; it is a path full of thorns. Life has a number of problems to face. Such problems can be resolved with the help of intelligence. Numerology and vastu indicates the various ways in which problems of life can be resolved. It is a science of rare powers.

A peek look on what we aim to achieve

No structure demolitions or changes.
Scientific based Vastu remedies.
Customized solutions as per Numerology Charts combined with the effect of Vastu Shastra.
Scan your Earth Energies and Devta fields for better and precise solutions.
Intuitive skills developed by the experts via extensive mediation practises.
Cost and value effective remedies.

How can you reach us?

“ With a divine connection to the Universe, we all can reach to the right resource and extract the value to its optimum. ”

With the ever-dynamic changes happening on Earth, we’re available for both Online and Offline Consultancy. With the help of our extensive research in Vastu and Numerology, we help people to overcome the challenges of life and find easy remedies for the same. We offer consultation on various everyday topics like Marriage, Santan Dosh Nivaran, Education, Property, Legal Matters, Politics, Profession, Money, Business and its Stocks, and so on.